Sunday, November 23, 2008

pizza hut nite

last nite me n my fellow besties; nieza n bobet went out to have a dinner..
since i have some 25% pizza hut's vouchers, we went there to grab a bite of pizza.
a simple dinner but very fulfilling.hehe
we had a large pan hawaiian supreme pizza, 4 piece chics wings and drinks..
sedaaaaappp gilos ok..
and everything costs us only RM53.00 for everything.
the large pizza got 25% disc so adelaaa jimat sket..
the 25% disc is only applicable to lasagna, large pan pizza, ice cream n salad..
i still have lots of them so looking forward to have lasagna nxt tym.ahaks! ;P

sila sila jemput


bobet n nieza

after dat scrumptious dinner, we headed to bing!
for a dessert session and a hot tea of course..
actually we still have lots of things to talk, dats y cam x nak balik.heh..

passionfruit hot tea and a blueberry cheese cake.

personally, bing's blueberry cheesecake is my favvy.
there's no one like it.sumpah x tipu.
mmg sedap tahap emmm speechless la.

pung pang pung pang gelak n sembang, we all balik kol 1130..

i just love my full scheduled saturday :)

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