Thursday, June 20, 2013

luahan perasaan katanya

its been nearly a month now since my last post
ya ampun malas nauuu
but ive lots of things to share

went to a short vacay 2 weeks back
to singapore jekk but it was awesome
gonna make a long entry about it soon

actually i was busy at work
and at nite i went out with my chenta
gi dinner together :)

actually ada berita sedeh and happy in the same time
he just got himself a better job with a better offer
but not in kuching anymore
he'll be joining an oil and gas company in kl
and he'll be leaving to his hometown next week
send his car back and then by thursday he'll off to his new workplace

im so sad at first
i cried a lot
susah laaaa kan nak terima kenyataan
macam belangkas dah this 7 months
u know, dah kapel 7 bulan ni kan only 3kali jek weekends tak spend together
2kali tu i gi vacations, and sekali tu dia balik kg to bintulu
the restnya, memang spend together

walaupun sedeh but i wont him passed this opportunity
this is like a huge stepping stone for him
as he told me this is the nature of his job
patut bersyukor at least kamek sik keja kapal or offshore berminggu2 berbulan2
jaik2 pun kamek gi terengganu jak rah platform or offshore sekali sekala
nei tauk kelak2 boleh keja rah middle east.
emmmmm baiklah enchek boypren
asal sik lupak kmk jak.

though im far from you, i will always make time
dont worry
he said again
well, thats true.
macam kat kuching ni lah kalau busy macam mana pun he always make time for me

by the way,kuching-kl tak jaohkan
1 jam 45mins jekkkk ;P

oklah. dah boleh belaja camane nak skype from now

till then