Friday, March 9, 2018

Busy mode

oh my i cant cope up with the blog challenge for now
i am sooooo busy you guysss

i will update all the topics i promiseeee during the weekends

now i just wanted to kemas my cubicle because next monday is EKSA day!
and to make it worse, i was appointed as one of the auditor
come onnn how comeee la eh

dah la tempat sendiri tak kemas lagi ada hati nak audit tempat orang hahaha

oklah till then


Monday, March 5, 2018

Something i adore~

 so day 3 topic is something i adore
today should be dah tajuk lain but i will update on that later hahhaa
since dah skipped 2 days due to weekends kan

i adore beautiful beaches
yes, i do.
i love any beach getaway

dulu dok kuching senang la nak pegi pantai
in 20-30 mins dah sampai santubong or pantai damai
dah dok sini pantai sangat lah jaoh and emm not that pretty
nak lawa pun paling dekat kat PD.

so last anniversary in december we went to penang for holiday
this is at batu feringghi beach
so so breathtakingly beautiful
we stayed at Hard Rock Penang so this was the beach view

my happy face :)

so far the prettiest beach i went to is at pulau payar langkawi
i know theres a lot more out there but thats just my view
tak kisah la mana pun yang penting ada pantai 

being at the beach brings me somekind of peacefulness
just looking at the waves, the sound it makes, the clear water aahhhh love it!
oh i really really need another beach getaway, pronto! :P

Friday, March 2, 2018


Day Two: Breakfast

Salam Jumaat everyone
mesti excited nak weekends dah kan?
i nak terbongkang je esok ;P

so topic for day 2 is breakfast.
i didnt take any photo of it this morning thus this googled picture
too it from garam kunyit blog

i had pulut kuning and rendang ayam for breakfast
tell you guys, kat kafe bawah ofc ni kan pilihan menu dia sampai ko pening nak makan apa
just name it semua ada dahla sedap2
siap dah ada menu kerang siap ;P
unlike kat kuching dulu kalau tak mi goreng, nasik goreng tu je lah ada
sendu kan idk why kat kch pilihan menu adalah sikit
maybe only at my former workplace tpt lain i tak tau ye heheh

so kalau jumaat memang menu agak special and this is my favourite ever
kalau lambat sket kompom abis
tapi takleh mkn selalu and portion i amik tadi pun just rasa2 je
takdelah penuh camni kan

oklah jumpa entry esok orait!

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Hello March!

Kejap je dah march. Where were january and february went to?
I decided to join a blog challenge where i have to update in daily basis
so today's tajuk is YOU.

so it will be about me, right?

emmm where do i start ya?
i started blogging since 2008 and i found a lot of new beautiful friends from there
from blogging to FB, IG and such
but sadly i slowly not updating my blog since i guess 2013?
slow2 menghilang sbb nya adalah IG and FB
takde masa plak aku nak update semua channel
i have life too kan gituuuuu katanyaaa
but since my blogger friends semangat nak kembalikan kegemilangan zaman blogging so lets la kan.
rindu jugak zaman bukak pc habiskan sejam baca blog org pastu komen plak pehh sangat rajin masa tu kan
semua benda nak cerita

2008, i was 25 omg mudanyaaa and kalau uols rajin bolehla baca entry zaman dulu2
asyik cerita mencari jodoh jek gayanya
couple putus couple putussss

until 2012 i met my better half and we got married in 2014.
and now dah berhijrah ke cyberjaya since 2015
i cant believe how my life would end up being far from my family and friends
but im happy here living a life with my husband
thats all that matters anyway kan :)

ramai je bloggers lain yang dah berhijrah ke sini
like flo, and amni. nama pun we all dok sini tapi belum pernah lagi nak bekumpol
sebab masing2 dah kawen, ada yg dah ada anak kecik so yeah we will work it out :D

my life now is basically kerja kerja, balik rumah and cooking for husband and fatin
ohhh i tak cerita lagi pasal fatin kan hahhaha she needs a special entry for herself
panjang ceritanya nanti i share k :)

me while waiting for the erl last week
i went back to kuching for four days. sajeeee jee nak balik nak mkn mi kolok :P

so lastly here is my pic with my other half, my support system, the love of my life :)
oh its his birthday month
someone is getting older ;P

till next entry tomorrow k!