Thursday, August 16, 2012

rabu saya

hye dearies!

asal khamis jek baru nak update kan
yelah dah midnite dah masuk hari khamis
what sorcery is this?

well lots have been happening these days
yelah hari nak raya dah kan
u guys can feel tak bln puasa this year cam jet lajunya
tau2 jek dah nak raya
lagi laa pada kaum perempuan yg ada cuti khas
tolak2 brp ari jek puasa kan?

ok today offday
went to pick up my baju raya
kurung moden with simple beading
sabtu karang nak pick up another three

then my mum ajak singgah fella design
nak cuci mata katanya
ye lah tu
ended up buying a sofa set
sangat comel and cosy me likey!
nak tukar dgn set rotan yg dah dekat 10tahun
ada rezeki apa salahnya ye tak?

so esok sofa akan sampai and bermula la sessi utk men'deco' hall

esok keja ni
sabtu baru start cuti sampai la rabu depan
khamis jumaat dah keja ok
tapi nak buat macam mana kan
cuti tak banyak

nanti kita update lagi k

till then!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


my offday today and tomorrow

been a week since my last post
well its because im lazy
dats it
plus i was waiting for a result
a very important one

lets just spill the beans about it

last june i went for an interview for a new job
in a goverment sector
its not like i dont like my current job but i guess i need a new environment
so i prepared my best , i read about lots of stuffs
mmg bersedia betul2 la

and the day came
went into the room, met the interviewers
and all went just well
not even a question i couldnt answer
and i really hope i got the job

been waiting for nearly two months and i received the result last tuesday
my besties juzz and nieza were checking it for me online
i dont have the guts to do so
takut weh!

and so, i didnt get the job
just yet.
why i said so?
because i got selected as a calon simpanan for a year
till next august 2013 if i dont get any call or any letters then that was it
but for now, what i can do is just pray and do lots of dua

insyaAllah if thats my rezeki, i will get it sooner or later
Allah is the best planner
and bak kata nieza yg pernah jd calon simpanan "timing is everything'
so be patience ok fieza

for now, just continue working and giving my best to the company
keja kena ikhlas kan?

so till then
jap lagi nieza will fetch me up for a quick shopping
raya tak lama lagi weh!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

bengkak :/


i just came back from minum2 after terawih with my fav girls
cam biasala dengan nieza and bobet
but sadly i cant update the story with pictures just yet
wanna know why?
well gusi saya tgh bengkak dengan jayanya sekarang ni
sangat besar dugaan

bila dah gusi bengkak ni nak mengunyak tak leh
bila takleh nak mkn mesti la moody
mestila rasa nak pukul org
tu yang takde mood nak upload pics, edit segala bagai

so i'd better go to bed now before i go punch someone's face

esok la update
wish esok i'll feel better

till next entry

gd nite!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


my fav part is

harapaaannn menjadiiiii layuuuuuuuuuuuu

best lagu tok
sebab boleh relate
sebab dah salu gilak harapan menjadi layu

ya ujong

bah ritok sikda cerita
selagik belom 7hb ogos, hati berdebar2 eh
cepat2 la 7hb cepatlaaaaa

harap harapan utk this one sik layu