Tuesday, April 29, 2008

farewell dinner

last sat, i attended a farewell dinner for my dear ex-colleagues; mieza,salmiah n zaini.they got a better offer n started this coming may..in my department, we're so close to each other.so this dinner actually a nite for us to lepas geram after a month keja dgn bersungguh2nya.as if! ;)

sungguh meriah mlm itu..even my OM, en azmi pun ada.the dishes ok la.not bad.most of all,we had FUN!we danced n we karaoke all nite long but i needed to go back earlier since dah janji w awg mu n hathsey to meet somewhere at 11pm.awg my picked me n nieza at my place.

here's me n my beloved colleagues..

l-r: syah, lee na, aswar, mieza, chubby me n sal

edos tgh feeling lagu peterpan.hehe

me w geng teka teki, aswar.tell u, this guy has a very good sense of humour..hehe

how's ur weekends guys?for me,it's the best! :)

ayam penyet.

hye all...its been days since my last post.nak cakap bz, sik juak bz.malas sebenanya mok update but i have too.hehhe.last week kinda fun for me.i did lot of fun things w family n mostly w frens..

i told u that i'll update about ayam penyet isn't it? so here's some pics of me n my bro, niece n nieza at ayam penyet stall, kch..

25th apr-last fri.
ayam penyet at raja ayam penyet stall, kch.nang nyam skal!
let the pics do the talking.hehe

Friday, April 25, 2008


how r u all? yesterday im quite bz w my job but i managed to buy my airline tickets to kl this coming june.i really can't wait.i'll be in kl for 4 days n 3 nights only.i want to stay longer.huhu.actually my plan is to attend my bestfriend's wedding in d middle of d month.since rezeki pun d murahkan,tiket airasia pun kebetulan ada promotion, why not i memeriahkan lagi her once-in-a-lifetime weddingkan?the venue will take place at the famous sime darby convention center in bukit kiara.i'll bring my partner too.who'll that be?SUPRISE!!! i wont mention who's that lucky person is so just stay put n wait for my story mory in june later k.lama lagi tu bah..sabar. ;)

pejam celik pejam celik the april nearly ended and i still have another 3 days b4 my payday.hehe..im counting the days now.seriously!

p/s: yesterday i had ayam penyet for dinner but bcause of the hungriness[exist ka word ni ek?] me n nieza didnt bother to take any pics but i'll be there again sooner and i'll share to u the best ayam penyet i've ever had in kch.nyam skal!
c u.


ada apa pada nama?

Hottie Adeptly Furnishing Intense Zeniths and Affection

Get Your Sexy Name

hua hua.quite funny.after i bloghopped at my fren's blog[pearlramzey], i want to have mine too and talking about hottie well, i m totally agree w that.haha.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

secret recipe

hye all.im soooo ceria today..
wanna know y?cos munie, my bestfriend belanja me at the secret recipe for dinner
munie is now working at ambank and their payday is on 22nd every month.
unlike me, 29th.huhu.if the month got 44 days, i bet the payday will be on 43rd.hhahha

so i ordered chicken mushroom w rice.seriously sedap siot!

this is wat munie having just now. chicken something2.can't remember the name.

here's our drinks..

watermelon juice n apple kasturi

thanx my dear for cia[belanja] me.untong saya kan.tiap mggu sure ada org cia.no wonder pipi semakin menggebu.comel bah.no hal la. ;)

seriously, i cant wait for my own payday.still got 5days to go.caiyok2..hhehe
itulah, go shopping n makan2 lagi, sure pokai.huhu..i need to be extra financially cautious next time.[ini peringatan entah yg keberapa kali but still.sendiri mau ingat.huhu]

jiwaku kacau lagi hari ini.do i need to tell u why?well, i dont think so la.sangat sangat personal.
i only can share u this..'im stuck in a very complicated situation n i hate it!'
chow chin chau..

muah muah!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sarange means i love you :)

hye all.how r u?currently it's raining here in kch..im sooo bored now since its raining paham2 sajalah mesti astro cannot be functioning.demmit.i want to watch movies on the hbo.huhu..

actually, i wanna share w u all about my latest favourite korean dramas.it's My Girl i'm talking about.i really love each n every episodes of it.tell u, im not really into korean drama before.the last that i ever watched is 'stairway to heaven'.itu pun ageeesss ago.i started to watch My Girl after my mum, sis and my niece told me that My Girl is waaaaay better than the 'stairway to heaven'.

"ish, this My Girl should be watch asap"- i said to myself.then luckily i got two off days on last n wed so i have the whole time to finish the dvd.it contains 4 episodes for each dvd[got 4 dvds in it] n i managed to finish them in just 2 whole days! i didn't go anywhere as usual.no lepak2 n jln2.just melekat depan tv dgn setianya.strange but true!

my comment: well, if i have 5stars for the scale, i would give them 10! this drama really menyentuh hati, it's funny too, sedeh ada juak...memang best la.to cut the long story short, just grab ur own dvd or just download them easily from the net..

here's some pics for u to view..

lee dong wook.the hero.what a look here.he's sooo damn gorgeous isn't he?saya sukaaa!!! oh oh...

lee dong wook n lee da hae.
the audience loved them together much that 770 people in the poll hoped they could fall in love with each other in the real world..sweetkan?

the soundtracks are also good too till i downloaded all of them.best best best.

that's all for now.wanna have a very good, quality sleep now since im lack of it lately.tidur mesti cukup, mkn mesti ckup, kasih sayang mesti ada sesama insan, baru hidup bahagia.hehhe.what a crap.hahha.nyte!

take care all.. ^ ^

Monday, April 21, 2008


hye all..

last sat nite, me and my goodfriends beramai2 get together at the coffee bean.actually we gathered because of one of my very good friend, awg mu had a meeting in kch[he's currently working w sesco limbang].after i got back from work at 930pm, i headed home n nieza picked me up.

actually all of them are my schoomates back then in sm sains kuching and we r friends till now.we're soo bz w our own priorities and we hardly see each other so much.as for me, i'll be seeing nieza mostly everyday now cos she's my colleagues.bobet n juzz usually i see them on weekends.the guys, susah la mau jumpa.tp we still keep in touch and make sure the friendship is still there.it's like a family bonding, u see.after 8 yrs leaving the school, still we make sure the friendship goes strongly.

so let me intro to u my dearest friends..

l-r: awg mu[sesco, limbang], aieffie[naim cendera, kch]
and juzz[currently in her final yr in uitm taking bachelor of finance]

l-r: chubby me, hathsey[kch specialist], nieza[tm] and bobet@zakinah[gap pdms]

comel2 kan my friends?hehhe.we have our own jobs now and we're really thankful for that.because awg mu' jarang2 got the chance to balik kch, so he generously chia me n frens.i m sooooo love kena cia u know.hehhe. i spoiled myself w pure choc ice blended n a piece of oreo cheese cake.yuuummmyy!

here's what we had that nite..thanx awg mu'. i wish u cepat2 naik pgkat jd senior engineer. ;)

later, we talk n talk till sleepy i tell u.i headed home b4 1 am.oooo what a nite.before i end up my entry i wld like to show u my pic w hathsey.hehhe.posing-agak-manja so called. ;)

i wish my friends all the best and i do hope to gather2 again next time.love all of u!but what i cant wait for is the bday bash for juzz n bobet in may.cant wait!


hugs ^^

Sunday, April 20, 2008


hye all..

how should i start yaaa..well, this is my 1st post for my blog which i name it fiezalovespurple because personally i do love that colour and most of my things are w that colour.so i think that name suits it well..

as an intro, im a swakian, kuchingian to be exact and im working as a customer service representatives w TM.im a happy go lucky, energetic, love to watch movies and enjoy late latte at coffee bean n starbucks.dont get me wrong here, i do lepak at stalls too..i love my friends n family[who doesn't?] and i love to drive fast.hehhe.

actually i m soo new w this blogspot hingy but since for past few months ive been a silent reader to other blogs religiously.1st blog i discovered is kennysia.com.he's sooo funny and i love each and every post in his blog.while i do have my blogs myself in my friendster and myspace as well but lots of my close friends suggested me to create mine so walllaaaaaa here's my 1st entry for my blog..

fiezalovespurple will be my cyber diary since now.i'll share my everyday thoughts, whats sooo happening here in kch, my bicara hati, bitching about some stuff will do too.so as readers ure free to give me comments and i'll make sure i'll reply to u asap..

take care all..

hugs ^^