Friday, April 25, 2008


how r u all? yesterday im quite bz w my job but i managed to buy my airline tickets to kl this coming june.i really can't wait.i'll be in kl for 4 days n 3 nights only.i want to stay longer.huhu.actually my plan is to attend my bestfriend's wedding in d middle of d month.since rezeki pun d murahkan,tiket airasia pun kebetulan ada promotion, why not i memeriahkan lagi her once-in-a-lifetime weddingkan?the venue will take place at the famous sime darby convention center in bukit kiara.i'll bring my partner too.who'll that be?SUPRISE!!! i wont mention who's that lucky person is so just stay put n wait for my story mory in june later k.lama lagi tu bah..sabar. ;)

pejam celik pejam celik the april nearly ended and i still have another 3 days b4 my counting the days now.seriously!

p/s: yesterday i had ayam penyet for dinner but bcause of the hungriness[exist ka word ni ek?] me n nieza didnt bother to take any pics but i'll be there again sooner and i'll share to u the best ayam penyet i've ever had in kch.nyam skal!
c u.



Felicia F. Ramzi said...

who's getting married ya? anyone we know from school?

sweetface said...

my roomamates masa blaja d bangi dlok.kak shah namanya.nya dgn bakal hubby nya kapel dari 1st yr gik.sooo sweeet.kita bila gik lynn?hehhhe

nOaliciOus said...

fieza.. nora ere..
i got my own blogspot too..
have a peep sometime @
so as today i kebetulan cooking my own nasik ayam penyet, saja nak inform..
fieza bleh masak dirik mpun ya, ada mek resipi..mun mok lak mek berik..
u take care grrl!