Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sarange means i love you :)

hye all.how r u?currently it's raining here in kch..im sooo bored now since its raining paham2 sajalah mesti astro cannot be functioning.demmit.i want to watch movies on the hbo.huhu..

actually, i wanna share w u all about my latest favourite korean dramas.it's My Girl i'm talking about.i really love each n every episodes of it.tell u, im not really into korean drama before.the last that i ever watched is 'stairway to heaven'.itu pun ageeesss ago.i started to watch My Girl after my mum, sis and my niece told me that My Girl is waaaaay better than the 'stairway to heaven'.

"ish, this My Girl should be watch asap"- i said to myself.then luckily i got two off days on last n wed so i have the whole time to finish the dvd.it contains 4 episodes for each dvd[got 4 dvds in it] n i managed to finish them in just 2 whole days! i didn't go anywhere as usual.no lepak2 n jln2.just melekat depan tv dgn setianya.strange but true!

my comment: well, if i have 5stars for the scale, i would give them 10! this drama really menyentuh hati, it's funny too, sedeh ada juak...memang best la.to cut the long story short, just grab ur own dvd or just download them easily from the net..

here's some pics for u to view..

lee dong wook.the hero.what a look here.he's sooo damn gorgeous isn't he?saya sukaaa!!! oh oh...

lee dong wook n lee da hae.
the audience loved them together much that 770 people in the poll hoped they could fall in love with each other in the real world..sweetkan?

the soundtracks are also good too till i downloaded all of them.best best best.

that's all for now.wanna have a very good, quality sleep now since im lack of it lately.tidur mesti cukup, mkn mesti ckup, kasih sayang mesti ada sesama insan, baru hidup bahagia.hehhe.what a crap.hahha.nyte!

take care all.. ^ ^

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