Sunday, April 20, 2008


hye all..

how should i start yaaa..well, this is my 1st post for my blog which i name it fiezalovespurple because personally i do love that colour and most of my things are w that i think that name suits it well..

as an intro, im a swakian, kuchingian to be exact and im working as a customer service representatives w a happy go lucky, energetic, love to watch movies and enjoy late latte at coffee bean n starbucks.dont get me wrong here, i do lepak at stalls too..i love my friends n family[who doesn't?] and i love to drive fast.hehhe.

actually i m soo new w this blogspot hingy but since for past few months ive been a silent reader to other blogs religiously.1st blog i discovered is's sooo funny and i love each and every post in his blog.while i do have my blogs myself in my friendster and myspace as well but lots of my close friends suggested me to create mine so walllaaaaaa here's my 1st entry for my blog..

fiezalovespurple will be my cyber diary since now.i'll share my everyday thoughts, whats sooo happening here in kch, my bicara hati, bitching about some stuff will do as readers ure free to give me comments and i'll make sure i'll reply to u asap..

take care all..

hugs ^^

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