Tuesday, April 29, 2008

farewell dinner

last sat, i attended a farewell dinner for my dear ex-colleagues; mieza,salmiah n zaini.they got a better offer n started this coming may..in my department, we're so close to each other.so this dinner actually a nite for us to lepas geram after a month keja dgn bersungguh2nya.as if! ;)

sungguh meriah mlm itu..even my OM, en azmi pun ada.the dishes ok la.not bad.most of all,we had FUN!we danced n we karaoke all nite long but i needed to go back earlier since dah janji w awg mu n hathsey to meet somewhere at 11pm.awg my picked me n nieza at my place.

here's me n my beloved colleagues..

l-r: syah, lee na, aswar, mieza, chubby me n sal

edos tgh feeling lagu peterpan.hehe

me w geng teka teki, aswar.tell u, this guy has a very good sense of humour..hehe

how's ur weekends guys?for me,it's the best! :)

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