Wednesday, April 23, 2008

secret recipe

hye soooo ceria today..
wanna know y?cos munie, my bestfriend belanja me at the secret recipe for dinner
munie is now working at ambank and their payday is on 22nd every month.
unlike me, 29th.huhu.if the month got 44 days, i bet the payday will be on 43rd.hhahha

so i ordered chicken mushroom w rice.seriously sedap siot!

this is wat munie having just now. chicken something2.can't remember the name.

here's our drinks..

watermelon juice n apple kasturi

thanx my dear for cia[belanja] me.untong saya kan.tiap mggu sure ada org wonder pipi semakin menggebu.comel hal la. ;)

seriously, i cant wait for my own payday.still got 5days to go.caiyok2..hhehe
itulah, go shopping n makan2 lagi, sure pokai.huhu..i need to be extra financially cautious next time.[ini peringatan entah yg keberapa kali but still.sendiri mau ingat.huhu]

jiwaku kacau lagi hari i need to tell u why?well, i dont think so la.sangat sangat personal.
i only can share u this..'im stuck in a very complicated situation n i hate it!'
chow chin chau..

muah muah!

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Felicia F. Ramzi said...

im waiting for my salary as well..hmm miskin miskin..oh oh! i miss secret recipe and starbucks!!