Monday, June 30, 2008

lucky day.

i just had my long hot shower after having a shopping session w nieza at the spring just now.i bought some novels n magazines.lamak dah x membaca tok.otak pun cam tepu n nieza treated ourselves at the secret recipe for our monthly eating heaven.hehhe.i had my fav mushroom chicken and nieza w her chicken bourden.[salah eja, betolkan k].for dessert we had choc brownies top with vanila ice cream.gosh, i love it sangat2!

told u that i wanna update bout yesterday isn't it? ok.lemme start..

the day started at 830am.i made my way to the crystal bowling in bdc which located 20mins from my place.this is my 1st time ever here cos since its quite far, i never lepak2 here just to play bowling.hello, minyak dah naik so berjimat2 la kan.eheheh..
about 9 something, my group members; iza, pojie n kak sue started to warm up a bit.setakat baling2 bola bowling tu sape2 pun amature as we can be, we kinda excited when mr alex, the mc announced that the game has started.mula w pojie, then iza, kak sue n me.the game has smoothly ended for the 1st one as we collected 377 points.we're not aware of other group as we were so bz collecting points n really trying hard to avoid the least ada point ok la kan..for the 2nd game we got 286 if im not mistaken.iza n pojie needed to rush off to the ofc since they'll be working at 12 noon.thank God its my off day.boleh lagi lepak2 w my team leaders and other n kak sue waited for the results but since it took sooo long, we decided to go home.malas la tggu lame2 ni lgpun bukannye hadiah bagi on the we both balik la..
about 12 something gitu, i went to fetch nieza from anne's house.anne is my classmate during high school n now she's pursuing her master degree.lame seh x jmpe bdak ni.lynn pun ada.she's also my classmate.lynn's now a secondary school temporary teacher.after tggu minah2 comel ni siap mndi smua, we all headed to singapore chicken rice to lunch.its been months since i last met both of them.we chatted, giggles,rewinding the good old schools stories and talked a lot.bkn senang wei nak gather camni.u know, lynn yg kecik molek ni sanggup drive her huge pajero nearly 3 hours to make it to kuching.alone.yes, alone.seriously, i have no guts to do dat.sayekan penakut.hampeh jek.hahha
after lunch, me n nieza siap2 nak gerak g amik bobet frm her place plak in semariang.goodbye lynn n anne.we'll meet again sometime k..arrived at bobet's place at 3pm and we heading to the n nieza blom gaji.we're poooooor, bobetla yg blanje.siap blanje big apple donuts lagi.thanx bet.then we decided to watch movie.cita wanted main kol beli la tiket dlu then we went to family cafe for dinner..
kol 845, we all tgk la cita wanted ni.mmg best.action gitu and we enjoyed the story.mase ni angelina jolie kurus ya ampun tp maintain cun.lawa siak minah totally penat tp memikirkan i have no other time to watch movie w my dearest bobet, so dgagahkan jua badanku ini menonton wayang..then, pas abis tgk, i sent both of them home.
mmg penat bila sampai umah.semua org dah tdo.yela dah 1147pm kan.i took short hot shower and the urge to upload the pics mmgla high tp x larat sgt2 so i hit the sack at 1am..

here's some pics..

my group-action kamen.l-r: iza, me, pojie and kak sue.

cmcc's wakil lelaki2 hebat.skuad msp.

me n kak sue

my beautiful friends.anne n lynn

me n lynn..

it was a looooooooong bz day yesterday but i had so much fun.bowling game in the morning, lunching w ex classmates and watching movie at nite.totally exhausted but i dont least my time has occupied doing things i love the most..what a day. ;)

so today, i went to the ofc cam biasa keja kol 10pg.then my team leader approached me..

TL: kitak top bowler aie..[u're the top bowler]
me: haha sikkan eh..[ hahha.impossible la]
TL: sik percayak indah.diat gak kat dinding nun ada..[cant believe me?look it urself on the wall there]

in no time, i terus ke buletin board...oh oh i cant believe my eyes..!

can u see my name there?hahahaha....

im not saying im now a pro bowler.hell no ok.its kinda funny cos i never attend a training not even once.i can say its my lucky day..yes, im lucky sangat2 cos my group also got 2nd, the penyampaian hamper by the GM will be held this friday.even its my off day, saya dengan semangatnya akan pergi ke ofc jugak utk amik hamper.hhahha.adoiii funny alhamdulilah..syukur sangat2..
looking forward for another tournament maybe?well, let time tells.
muah muah!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

a long bz sunday

i just arrived home.yes, at 11.47pm.such a long day i must say.i left at 830 in the morn n got back nearly midnite.well, im too exhausted to update n uploading the pics especially about the bowling tournament so lemme have a really long beauty sleep now cos its gotta be a busy MONDAY tomorrow!!

i'll be updating tomorrow after work.promise. ;)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

bohsan tahap dewa

im at home on saturday nite.unbelievable!
usually i'll be meronggeng window shopping or movieing.
but sadly, nieza n bobet aren't free to go somewhere w me.
so here i am.yming, browsing websites2 ntah hape nak puke dah.huhu
fatin plak xde.g camping kat sekolah.ish..bohsaaannnnyyeee..
help me!
tomorrow i have a bowling tournament held at the crystal bowling in bdc.
i need to be there before 9am.*sigh* ingat kan nak la bgn lambat sket kan biaselah weekends.huhu.
but its ok.tomorrow's gonna be fun and i'll capture a lot of pics to upload here..
okla.xde cita dah..

Friday, June 27, 2008

looonnggg pppaaaannn...

"lloonnggg paaannnnn..lloooonggg lllaaauuuu.."

aku toleh kiri, kanan bunyi apakah itu?
sdg aku sedap2 mkn ayam mc d tiba2 telefon bunyik..
ruppaanya hp aku yg berdering.siot jek ringtone tu.dah la kebetulan ramai gak chinese ppl mkn kat sana semalam.semua terus memandang dgn pandangan yg sukar utk aku mengertikan.hahha.that ringtone was taken bluetoothly frm my brother.
nieza n juzz pakat gelakkan aku.haih segan siak.
tp aku tetap guna ringtone tu sbb ke?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

25.not me.nieza. ;)

today is nieza's 25th birthday.happy birthday my bestfriend!! i wish u all the good things in life and i hope u'll find ur Mr Right sooon.veryyy soon.i really cant wait to see nieza being in love with someone.being the most romantic person she has ever be, i bet that who-will-win-her-heart guy would be sooo damn lucky to have her.its not that im trying to say nice things bout her bcos she's my bestfriend but it is true ok.
so, to celebrate her bday, me n juzz decided to buy her a piece of secret recipe's cheese cake n bring it to mc d where we'll have dinner, me n juzz n nieza also belom gaji so u imejin la how pity we were today.nak je mkn kat secret recipe tp huhu bajet beb.sian wei!!but its ok.the most important thing is we were there to celebrate this special day w her.its not about how grand it is right but the thought that counts.mena sik zaaa?hhehe.
actually the grand celebration would be take place in july.bcos nak tggu my bday as well so boleh celebrate sekali and thats is y no picture at all just now..i gave nieza a pashmina n i know she'll love it.for my bday i really want a midnite poison perfume frm dior.darrrnnn i really love that smell.pls someone, buy me this.hints ni kawan2 so harap2 ada yg paham.ahaks!
im so exhausted today.keja melambak then kuar plak balik kol 10pm.serve me rite.thats y i need a beauty sleep now..
nite my frens!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

streamyx last my streamyx connection is finally in a very high so satisfied to pay RM88 p/mth now.the line had some problems since last saturday and thats why i havent update my blog yet.let me tell u the whole weekend story the mory..

last sat, after me, nieza n bobet had a late supper at the family cafe, i asked nieza to sleep over cos i know she wanted to be onlining all nite, dlm kol 1 pg camtu kan, iye2 la nk menge'chat' d ym.sekali kan tetiba my streamyx tak boleh connected.i was soooooo frustrated and i called the streamyx technical team for couple of times.bayangkan calling those ppl at merely 1am.gile kan?they told me there's some probs w the exchange(ibusawat) so what i can do is just wait.nieza yg excited pd mulanya nak online terus amik bantal n tdo.hahha.sori za.same as me, direct terus tdo.that time was already 230am.what to do?huhu..

at 10am, the technician from tm came to check my line n i dont knw what exactly the prob is n they just told me that the line is having a massive prob n they'll come again later.adoooiiii x fix lagi,dari bosan dok umah me n nieza decided to go to movies tgk cita get smart.bobet pun ada sekali.tiga dara pingitan i tell u.hahha.after tgk wayang, we headed to gerai ayam penyet yg paling famous d kch to have dinner.then we headed home.balik umah try nak online pon x boleh.darn terus tdo.

streamyx still down.a guy from streamyx called to ask me the condition n bla bla.byk cakap plak bknnye boleh ok, i made some calls again to streamyx and asked for immediate action.

technician came to my house but i was not home since im still at the sis, ida called me telling the progress..bla bla...cant talk long since i have a lots of calls to attend.penat wei jwb calls yg menggila ni.huhu..
balik umah kan, sai n ida asking me why the streamyx cannot be use.they say 'penat jek ko bayar tp xleh guna'.so im frustated again la thinking of that matter.xleh online lagi laaa mlm ni dah la esok off day.ayyyoooo sure bosan tahap gaban ni.
when i enter my room to take towels kan, i saw my pc with limewire- a turbo charged i asked them, 'aie, dah ok ka?'.they said, no i tried la on my ym.waallaaaaaaaaaaaa boleh online!!!!!!! i m so happpyyy cos at last boleh blog updating, bloghopping.aaahhhhh bestnyaaaaa.jahat korang ek kenakan sy yg dahla penat balik kelija.suke suki dier jek nak kenakan org.but its ttp happy.sangat!!

itula crita saya utk hari in a very good mood now.sape nak mkn free? ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

terima kasih cinta

don't panic.i'm not taken.yet.itu hanyalah nama tajuk yg sangat mengkonfiuskan.adakah aku dilamun cinta?adakah aku jatuh cinta lagi?oh tidak.belom.not yet.huhu.
this morning pas bekpes, i just browsing to read the newly updated while reading the post, i terdengar la lagu ni terima kasih cinta by afgan yg sangatla merdu suaranya.i terus jatoh meaningful the lyric is..dgn cepatnya, i terus download the song n listen to it over n over again..who said love songs are just for those who are in love?i yg single ready to mingle pon syahdu tau..if laaa ada org nak didedicatekan ni, adoiii bestnyaaaa..
wanna paste that song to my blog ni tp x reti la.later la nak tny w my budak baru blaja thats y la my blog ni ntah hape suka kan?kan kan? as if!
k la..nak transfer lagu ni to my hp lak.boleh drool over before im entering the dreamland..

"Terima kasih cinta untuk segalanya
Kau berikan lagi kesempatan itu..." laa laaa laa..

i just love it!sangat!
nyte friends!

Friday, June 20, 2008

kl dlm hati

owh my.i miss kl so much.just came back last monday after spending 4days 3nites.with a lot of cash kl mmg best tp bila dah surutkan, time tu juga nak balik kch immediately.
kl for me is a shopping heaven la.but for me to have a life there, not kot.mmg saya tdk mampu with the lifestyle n the hectic.kuching is more likeable.dulu penah la nak iyer iyer aaaa nak pindah kl pasal nak dekat dgn seseorang tp last2 x jadik.imejin la as if dah penat2 pindah sekalik kene tinggal jugak, what should i dooo?who'll help me there?thinking back, mmg ada hikmah.dudok d kch lagi best.paling2 jam pun just dekat area satok n my ofc is just a 15mins away from home.jimat masa n minyak.i'll be in kl just for having fun, meet together w frens, shopping n that's all.period.

esok sabtu.i'll be working till late.for sure g lepak2 pas balik.hmmm..thinking of having a cheese cake n hot tea.i think i know where should i be tomorrow ;)

life kinda boring lately.aft balik dari kl, my routine stat balik.g ofc, balik, mkn, onlining, ym ngan sape2 ntah then tdo.tiap2 hari mostly the same.thank God yesterday mase offday, my mum ajak shopping kat the spring.g face shop, my mum beli ape ntah all those skin products smua mummy beli. n i berjaya mendapat lipgloss for free.thank you mum! supir perlu ada upahnya, betol nggak?heheh.

long time no photo here kan?cam malas la nak tempek menempek.lenkali la if ada org tgk my blog ni.ade ke?kalo ade, pls leave me a comment.sedey tau xde komen ni.huhu..
okla..jap g my fren nak dtg umah anto umai from mukah.waaa sedap.esok lunch boleh mkn umai.yummyyy..
take care peeps!

p/s: by the way, i would like to wish kak syah n her hubby congratulations for being a happily married couple last week.went to her grand reception w nieza last sunday nite.very the grand.pic x byk time.the best thing is, i met tun dr m who's the vvip that nite.happy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


finally, i have found the closure that im looking for
after 3 months of breaking up, im still longing for his voice, his touch, his jokes around me..

i still miss him like crazy..
i still need him madly..
i still wanna hear his voice telling me this n that
i still love him to bits

but, after that particular day, i know he's not made for me..
we met n talked..
and i can finally feel the connection is gone..
i don't love him like before..
i dont feel the electric when he hold my hands
i cannot feel the happiness anymore even he's besides me
it's just emptiness
very empty............

i m now free to move on n let him move on as well

my dear,
if she's the one for u, then take care of her
n don't ever turn back
cos my heart is permanently closed for u..

thank you for being there
i will never hate u cos hating is childish
i want u to be happy n i know u are now..

take care my dear..
good luck for your future and..
let our stories be a history..

Monday, June 9, 2008

kungfu panda.

hye people!
monday comes again..owwhhh lazy as i can get, i woke up at 730, shower,bfast n vrrroooooooooooomm to the ofc.
i had a great bout u? last post i told u that i wont go anywhere on sat nite is it?at home on sat nite?helllooooo..its in my dreams lah!hhaha.i was watching ah long pte ltd when nieza smsed me n said their lepaking at the coffee bean[w zilah n bobet] of i replied 'come pick me joining!'.seee, i cant stick to my words tau..we ended up lepaking till 12am.haha.gooooddd!
n on sunday plak, i brought my lovely niece, fatin to watch kungfu panda.i asked nieza to come along too.that movie is sooo funny, i laughed till i watered my eyes w tears.SERIOUS!jack black is soo creative u see.i m his numb 1 fan n i never missed his movies.bla bla yada yada, i sent fatin home n we headed to the spring, just window shopping.. ;) then, lepak mkn jap then balik..
i tried to stay at home on weekends but i never guys, this weekend is going to be the blast! u wanna know y? cos im going to fly to KL for a four days shopping holiday..actually i have a wedding to attend on sunday so bak kata omputeh, alang2 g kl, shopping la sekali kan.eheeemm...n to add the excitement, my bestfriend; miss nieza will join me too!what a great weekend im going to have the next 3days more.yay yay! i can't wait..
so peeps, the working hours is started.
later ya!daaa

Saturday, June 7, 2008

7th june

hari ini OT lagi.yay!org lain tgh happy d rumah, bgn lmbat, but me, pg2 dah bgn, bekpes and drive to the ofc.mengantuk masih bersisa sbb last nite kuar with my gurlfrens, tgk cita prom nite.pas movie, we headed to mcd, sambung sembang n mkn.zillah, nieza n bobet are my bestfriends since high school n we never thought we r still keep in touch till now.dah cam siblings dah.sometimes they sleepover at my hse after late nite out.mesti rioh tgk wyg last nite, i sat beside zilah n tell u, this girl kalau gelak cam nak pecah telinga i tau.citer saspen pun jd funny.
dah sampai umah, tgk my sis n mum x tdo lagi cos layan hbo.sambung sembang lagi till 1am..
today cam malas nak kuar sbb minyak dah naikkan.huhu.balik jek kol 630 ni nak lepak jek tgk if la tak kuar.caye ke?paling tidak pun lepak minum w frens.adoi.mmg camni dah rutin hidup mmg susah nak tukar..
jap g nak balik umah lunch sbb mak kate nak buat steamboat tomyam.yummyy.maka harusla singgah kejap.
so, what do u have for lunch?
p/s: eh baru teringat today is my lil bro's birthday.saiful rahimi yg dah 22 tahun umonya.patutla my mum masak special.lambat pick up la.hahha.
another one month my birthday akan menyusul tiba.. *wink wink*

minyak oh minyak

yup yup im kinda late of commenting on the petrol price which hike ssoooo damn i said in my prev post, my pc rosak n still i just onlining frm the ofc but i cant post any since i was soo bz w job.
i was actually onlining at the coffee bean's w my fren's lappy when i finally knew that the harga minyak naik thru the utusan online.left the cafe at 9pm and directly went to the nearest petrol station.panjang ya aaammmppuuuunnn q nya.sempatla mencuci mata cos mostly guys la yg isi minyakkan?hehhe.for the last time i isi minyak dgn harga RM1.92 p litre.waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
usually it costs me RM60 for my dear viva(full tank) but how about now?huhu.tggula minyak dah abis nxt wk and we'll see how much it'll cost me..