Tuesday, June 24, 2008


huh.at last my streamyx connection is finally in a very high speed.im so satisfied to pay RM88 p/mth now.the line had some problems since last saturday and thats why i havent update my blog yet.let me tell u the whole weekend story the mory..

last sat, after me, nieza n bobet had a late supper at the family cafe, i asked nieza to sleep over cos i know she wanted to be onlining all nite long.so, dlm kol 1 pg camtu kan, iye2 la nk menge'chat' d ym.sekali kan tetiba my streamyx tak boleh connected.i was soooooo frustrated and i called the streamyx technical team for couple of times.bayangkan calling those ppl at merely 1am.gile kan?they told me there's some probs w the exchange(ibusawat) so what i can do is just wait.nieza yg excited pd mulanya nak online terus amik bantal n tdo.hahha.sori za.same as me, direct terus tdo.that time was already 230am.what to do?huhu..

at 10am, the technician from tm came to check my line n i dont knw what exactly the prob is n they just told me that the line is having a massive prob n they'll come again later.adoooiiii x fix lagi ni.so,dari bosan dok umah me n nieza decided to go to movies tgk cita get smart.bobet pun ada sekali.tiga dara pingitan i tell u.hahha.after tgk wayang, we headed to gerai ayam penyet yg paling famous d kch to have dinner.then we headed home.balik umah try nak online pon x boleh.darn it.so terus tdo.

streamyx still down.a guy from streamyx called to ask me the condition n bla bla.byk cakap plak bknnye boleh ok pun.so, i made some calls again to streamyx and asked for immediate action.

technician came to my house but i was not home since im still at the ofc.my sis, ida called me telling the progress..bla bla...cant talk long since i have a lots of calls to attend.penat wei jwb calls yg menggila ni.huhu..
balik umah kan, sai n ida asking me why the streamyx cannot be use.they say 'penat jek ko bayar tp xleh guna'.so im frustated again la thinking of that matter.xleh online lagi laaa mlm ni dah la esok off day.ayyyoooo sure bosan tahap gaban ni.
when i enter my room to take towels kan, i saw my pc with limewire- a turbo charged connection.so i asked them, 'aie, dah ok ka?'.they said, no laaa.so i tried la on my ym.waallaaaaaaaaaaaa boleh online!!!!!!! i m so happpyyy cos at last boleh blog updating, bloghopping.aaahhhhh bestnyaaaaa.jahat korang ek kenakan sy yg dahla penat balik kelija.suke suki dier jek nak kenakan org.but its ok.sy ttp happy.sangat!!

itula crita saya utk hari ini.im in a very good mood now.sape nak mkn free? ;)

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