Monday, June 9, 2008

kungfu panda.

hye people!
monday comes again..owwhhh lazy as i can get, i woke up at 730, shower,bfast n vrrroooooooooooomm to the ofc.
i had a great bout u? last post i told u that i wont go anywhere on sat nite is it?at home on sat nite?helllooooo..its in my dreams lah!hhaha.i was watching ah long pte ltd when nieza smsed me n said their lepaking at the coffee bean[w zilah n bobet] of i replied 'come pick me joining!'.seee, i cant stick to my words tau..we ended up lepaking till 12am.haha.gooooddd!
n on sunday plak, i brought my lovely niece, fatin to watch kungfu panda.i asked nieza to come along too.that movie is sooo funny, i laughed till i watered my eyes w tears.SERIOUS!jack black is soo creative u see.i m his numb 1 fan n i never missed his movies.bla bla yada yada, i sent fatin home n we headed to the spring, just window shopping.. ;) then, lepak mkn jap then balik..
i tried to stay at home on weekends but i never guys, this weekend is going to be the blast! u wanna know y? cos im going to fly to KL for a four days shopping holiday..actually i have a wedding to attend on sunday so bak kata omputeh, alang2 g kl, shopping la sekali kan.eheeemm...n to add the excitement, my bestfriend; miss nieza will join me too!what a great weekend im going to have the next 3days more.yay yay! i can't wait..
so peeps, the working hours is started.
later ya!daaa

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