Thursday, June 26, 2008

25.not me.nieza. ;)

today is nieza's 25th birthday.happy birthday my bestfriend!! i wish u all the good things in life and i hope u'll find ur Mr Right sooon.veryyy soon.i really cant wait to see nieza being in love with someone.being the most romantic person she has ever be, i bet that who-will-win-her-heart guy would be sooo damn lucky to have her.its not that im trying to say nice things bout her bcos she's my bestfriend but it is true ok.
so, to celebrate her bday, me n juzz decided to buy her a piece of secret recipe's cheese cake n bring it to mc d where we'll have dinner, me n juzz n nieza also belom gaji so u imejin la how pity we were today.nak je mkn kat secret recipe tp huhu bajet beb.sian wei!!but its ok.the most important thing is we were there to celebrate this special day w her.its not about how grand it is right but the thought that counts.mena sik zaaa?hhehe.
actually the grand celebration would be take place in july.bcos nak tggu my bday as well so boleh celebrate sekali and thats is y no picture at all just now..i gave nieza a pashmina n i know she'll love it.for my bday i really want a midnite poison perfume frm dior.darrrnnn i really love that smell.pls someone, buy me this.hints ni kawan2 so harap2 ada yg paham.ahaks!
im so exhausted today.keja melambak then kuar plak balik kol 10pm.serve me rite.thats y i need a beauty sleep now..
nite my frens!

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