Saturday, June 7, 2008

minyak oh minyak

yup yup im kinda late of commenting on the petrol price which hike ssoooo damn i said in my prev post, my pc rosak n still i just onlining frm the ofc but i cant post any since i was soo bz w job.
i was actually onlining at the coffee bean's w my fren's lappy when i finally knew that the harga minyak naik thru the utusan online.left the cafe at 9pm and directly went to the nearest petrol station.panjang ya aaammmppuuuunnn q nya.sempatla mencuci mata cos mostly guys la yg isi minyakkan?hehhe.for the last time i isi minyak dgn harga RM1.92 p litre.waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
usually it costs me RM60 for my dear viva(full tank) but how about now?huhu.tggula minyak dah abis nxt wk and we'll see how much it'll cost me..