Monday, June 30, 2008

lucky day.

i just had my long hot shower after having a shopping session w nieza at the spring just now.i bought some novels n magazines.lamak dah x membaca tok.otak pun cam tepu n nieza treated ourselves at the secret recipe for our monthly eating heaven.hehhe.i had my fav mushroom chicken and nieza w her chicken bourden.[salah eja, betolkan k].for dessert we had choc brownies top with vanila ice cream.gosh, i love it sangat2!

told u that i wanna update bout yesterday isn't it? ok.lemme start..

the day started at 830am.i made my way to the crystal bowling in bdc which located 20mins from my place.this is my 1st time ever here cos since its quite far, i never lepak2 here just to play bowling.hello, minyak dah naik so berjimat2 la kan.eheheh..
about 9 something, my group members; iza, pojie n kak sue started to warm up a bit.setakat baling2 bola bowling tu sape2 pun amature as we can be, we kinda excited when mr alex, the mc announced that the game has started.mula w pojie, then iza, kak sue n me.the game has smoothly ended for the 1st one as we collected 377 points.we're not aware of other group as we were so bz collecting points n really trying hard to avoid the least ada point ok la kan..for the 2nd game we got 286 if im not mistaken.iza n pojie needed to rush off to the ofc since they'll be working at 12 noon.thank God its my off day.boleh lagi lepak2 w my team leaders and other n kak sue waited for the results but since it took sooo long, we decided to go home.malas la tggu lame2 ni lgpun bukannye hadiah bagi on the we both balik la..
about 12 something gitu, i went to fetch nieza from anne's house.anne is my classmate during high school n now she's pursuing her master degree.lame seh x jmpe bdak ni.lynn pun ada.she's also my classmate.lynn's now a secondary school temporary teacher.after tggu minah2 comel ni siap mndi smua, we all headed to singapore chicken rice to lunch.its been months since i last met both of them.we chatted, giggles,rewinding the good old schools stories and talked a lot.bkn senang wei nak gather camni.u know, lynn yg kecik molek ni sanggup drive her huge pajero nearly 3 hours to make it to kuching.alone.yes, alone.seriously, i have no guts to do dat.sayekan penakut.hampeh jek.hahha
after lunch, me n nieza siap2 nak gerak g amik bobet frm her place plak in semariang.goodbye lynn n anne.we'll meet again sometime k..arrived at bobet's place at 3pm and we heading to the n nieza blom gaji.we're poooooor, bobetla yg blanje.siap blanje big apple donuts lagi.thanx bet.then we decided to watch movie.cita wanted main kol beli la tiket dlu then we went to family cafe for dinner..
kol 845, we all tgk la cita wanted ni.mmg best.action gitu and we enjoyed the story.mase ni angelina jolie kurus ya ampun tp maintain cun.lawa siak minah totally penat tp memikirkan i have no other time to watch movie w my dearest bobet, so dgagahkan jua badanku ini menonton wayang..then, pas abis tgk, i sent both of them home.
mmg penat bila sampai umah.semua org dah tdo.yela dah 1147pm kan.i took short hot shower and the urge to upload the pics mmgla high tp x larat sgt2 so i hit the sack at 1am..

here's some pics..

my group-action kamen.l-r: iza, me, pojie and kak sue.

cmcc's wakil lelaki2 hebat.skuad msp.

me n kak sue

my beautiful friends.anne n lynn

me n lynn..

it was a looooooooong bz day yesterday but i had so much fun.bowling game in the morning, lunching w ex classmates and watching movie at nite.totally exhausted but i dont least my time has occupied doing things i love the most..what a day. ;)

so today, i went to the ofc cam biasa keja kol 10pg.then my team leader approached me..

TL: kitak top bowler aie..[u're the top bowler]
me: haha sikkan eh..[ hahha.impossible la]
TL: sik percayak indah.diat gak kat dinding nun ada..[cant believe me?look it urself on the wall there]

in no time, i terus ke buletin board...oh oh i cant believe my eyes..!

can u see my name there?hahahaha....

im not saying im now a pro bowler.hell no ok.its kinda funny cos i never attend a training not even once.i can say its my lucky day..yes, im lucky sangat2 cos my group also got 2nd, the penyampaian hamper by the GM will be held this friday.even its my off day, saya dengan semangatnya akan pergi ke ofc jugak utk amik hamper.hhahha.adoiii funny alhamdulilah..syukur sangat2..
looking forward for another tournament maybe?well, let time tells.
muah muah!


green apple said...

lama tak dengar orang klaka sarawak.
dulu masa blaja kat unimas, terer gila aku cakap sarawak, berdesup desup je kuar dari mulut.

skarang cam gagap je. nak jawab pun kena pikir dulu nak susun ayat.

f.i.e.z.a said...

laa..dlk blaja kat unimas duhal.mek ingat ktk org swak tek..
enjoy reading ur blog.sgt2 sukaaa..

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

fieza...bowlink kat cnie ya owh?
nak kata kat parkson...x kedak aaa
coz bowlink ya kacak gik dr parkson pun..hikhik


pssttt...kmk juara LONGKANG!!!

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

adeh, kantoi mek orang mandik aher, dem. hahaha, but yes, it was a great meeting, nang lengis tapak..almaklum, lapar..hope to gather again sometime soon!

f.i.e.z.a said...


bowling ya kat crystal bowl d bdc.nang best sia sbb licin jak lanenya..


nang jak tak org xhal.bkn salu jmpa ooo..

Anonymous said...

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