Saturday, June 28, 2008

bohsan tahap dewa

im at home on saturday nite.unbelievable!
usually i'll be meronggeng window shopping or movieing.
but sadly, nieza n bobet aren't free to go somewhere w me.
so here i am.yming, browsing websites2 ntah hape nak puke dah.huhu
fatin plak xde.g camping kat sekolah.ish..bohsaaannnnyyeee..
help me!
tomorrow i have a bowling tournament held at the crystal bowling in bdc.
i need to be there before 9am.*sigh* ingat kan nak la bgn lambat sket kan biaselah weekends.huhu.
but its ok.tomorrow's gonna be fun and i'll capture a lot of pics to upload here..
okla.xde cita dah..

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