Thursday, June 19, 2008


finally, i have found the closure that im looking for
after 3 months of breaking up, im still longing for his voice, his touch, his jokes around me..

i still miss him like crazy..
i still need him madly..
i still wanna hear his voice telling me this n that
i still love him to bits

but, after that particular day, i know he's not made for me..
we met n talked..
and i can finally feel the connection is gone..
i don't love him like before..
i dont feel the electric when he hold my hands
i cannot feel the happiness anymore even he's besides me
it's just emptiness
very empty............

i m now free to move on n let him move on as well

my dear,
if she's the one for u, then take care of her
n don't ever turn back
cos my heart is permanently closed for u..

thank you for being there
i will never hate u cos hating is childish
i want u to be happy n i know u are now..

take care my dear..
good luck for your future and..
let our stories be a history..


isboy'z said...

fieza, life must goes on. that is 1 from path of our life. i feel that once b4 and i know how it feel. pengalam mengajar kita erti kehidupan and become more dewasa to survive from this world.

F (bukan nama sebenar) said...

When i started punching these keys, i immediately press the 'backspace' key, still wondering "should i leave a mark on our lovely blog wall?". But i guess i'm totally disabled in hurting ur heart again.

U knew i'm a big fan of u and ur blog and u decided to leave me a msg on it. I have to agree with u that we lost the connection when we met. Even i have to admit that i've been trying not to be so awkward but i guess it really shows.

I'm glad that u r strong and brave to move on now. I'll pray for ur happiness and still hoping we can be a good friends. Please take all the good things that u got from our relationship with u and leave every single bad things behind. U influenced me in many ways as i influenced u dear.

Take care...

f.i.e.z.a said...
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f.i.e.z.a said...


thanx for ur encouraging words..
i'll keep dat in mind..

mr f,
everything happens w a reason n i realize dat very soon after i met u..
nobody can take d heartbroken news esp when it comes frm the one u love.but for me, its worth it.
im now brave, optimistic and positive..
i think i have found the hikmah :)

take care of urself orait..