Monday, September 29, 2014

al kisah my baju for akad nikah

last wednesday i went to teman my mom hantar kain buat baju
we went to our favourite tailor, Jessica who owns Fancy Centre at Wisma Hopoh
i already sent my kain for my baju akad there earlier
rasanya 2 weeks ago la

yup i memang nak Jessica buat my baju akad
sebab salu dia yg buatkan my kurung raya
and for this special occasion i nak dia buatkan

so masa i gi kl hari tu my mom mintak belikan kain lace for her baju
i belikan la 2meter
ingat nak beli prada lace tapi cam keras, kain tak sedap
so i pilih yang ni je

my mom matchkan dengan chiffon kaler nude
memang lawa

so masa my mom bincang with jessica design baju dia, tetiba jessica said "haa your kurung dah siap. dah boleh fitting before i start with the patches and beadings"

waaahhhh dah siap meh?

ala baju simple jek kan
yg basic kurong jek

awhhh excited nak try hehehehehe

kurung simple jek kaannn
before the beadings and patches works

had to alter 2 inches yawlss!
macam besar jek she said
longgar la fieza katanya
"are you on diet?"

i mkn biasa jek kot
bkn ada azam nak slim pun wahahhaha
okayla tu dah kecik 2 inches


oh ya the veil also dia buat nanti
akan jahit patches manik semua lah
baru dia berat and terletak jek atas tudong nanti

this is how basically it looks like soon
kain lace patch ni jessica bought it in singapore
memang chantek sangat masa pilih kain tu memang rambang mata
last2 i pilih ni je
simple but sweet
at least for me, the bride to be

yg penting tak ketat sbb nanti nak kena dudok bersimpuh kan
hahahhaa kena banyak ruang tu ;P

sekian saja cerita baju akad i
fitting would be in november

till next entry

salam sayang,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dr Mahathir & Asma wedding

ini bulan lepas punya cerita
my goodfriend, Mahathir finally got married :D
he sent the invi through the FB inbox cos he was currently in the UK
he asked for the home address so that his family could post the card

its been 2 years since i last met him
he is now working abroad as a doctor
mahathir ni budak pandai dulu uols
belajar pun d edinburgh

im so happy finally dia balik kch sbb nak kawen
time wedding ni la ramai jumpa kawan2 lama tu la yg excited :)

malas cita panjang2
layan pics je k

tarikh: 30.08.2014
venue: dewan suarah, kuching

me and the pressie :)


 us again

there was a reserved table for his school friends

dlm kol 11am camtu pengantin pun sampai

 from left to right all my schoolmates ni
Dr Azyati-her husband Awg Shamsul-castro-fairul-me-bobet-nieza

its good to be meet them again after so many years
nieza and bobet sik masok k sbb salu jmpa
castro pun ;P

lepas makan apalagi, amik pics la kita

 sangat matchy2. kalau org tak kenal ni pk kapel kot heheh
btw castro was the bestman thats why sangat segak bergaya

congrats again mahat or Dr Mahathir and wife, Asma!
semoga bahagia hingga akhir hayat dan cepat2 dapat zuriat! :D

Sunday, September 21, 2014

my 16th september

 last day in KL

it was last tuesday on 16th of september
the malaysia day

kinda sad to leave him again but i have too :,(
long distance sucks big time
i hate it but ive to suck it up
haa gitu

his rezeki is here in KL, the pay is good, the bosses are nice to him and the job is what he enjoys doing
and im glad he is happy
im going to follow suit insyaAllah by next year
what we have to do now is maintain to be loving as much :D

we started the day by having brunch at Wondermama, Avenue K
this place is super cool too bad i didnt take a lot of pics to share
but when i look at the menu emmm macam mahal sket lah
but he said its okay bukan selalu
oklah. mmg bukan selalu pun nak makan ngan i kan?
thats why salu bawak special2 jek

my nasik goreng kampong with teh tarik
and kueh2 tu rm1.50 each

tengah2 tunggu makanan sampai tu i melayan la selfie kejap
lamaaaaaa tak tempek selfies kat blog sendiri ni
semua takde filter k
camera 360 semua takde ;P

hahhaha bengong plak aku tgk pic sendiri banyak2 camni haha
eh lantaklah my blog kan
lamaaaaaaa tak aktif update ni
now baru nak aktif balik

ini adalah tunang saya aka bakal suami saya
yang saya sangat sayang
he is my everything, my shoulder to cry on my bestfriend semua2 lah
i love him to bits!

i asked him to take pictures of me
layan je dia karenah wife to be dia ni
wahhhhhhh wife to be kaaauuuuuuuuu
masak dah pandai ke cik fieza?
pandai! now kan banyak dah instant paste tu ha tak susah masak skang ni

to cut the story short dlm kol 130 dah off to KLIA2
sbb my flight kol 530pm
we took a cab and it took us nearly an hour to arrive

bila dah sampai airport ni dah tak risau dah kan
plus kat sini luas gilaaaaa banyak jek tpt boleh lepak

lepas checking in luggage we lepak kat the nanny's pavillon ke apa ntah kat L2M
L2M ni macam foodcourt banyak gila boleh pilih and ni sederet with burger king
lawaaaaa sangat tpt ni i love!

another pics of us
sobsobs nak balik dah kan
tak sukaaaaaaaaaaa :(

my mushroom fettucini
sedaaaaaaaaaaap gila to the max!

sekian sahaja cerita short trip to KL
in fact that would be my last trip as a single girl
datang balik kl in dec soon dah ada inai d jari
ehemsss ;)

im going to see him again next month
oh cant wait!
for now skype will do :D

till next entry!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

over banana leaf rice and RV cake

goodmorning kawan2 readers saya
di pagi sabtu yang hening ini im so excited to blog
ive lots of things to share
dont worry guys semangat nak blogging masih membara2

actually i dont post any pictures on my fb during my short trip
i just dont feel to
malas melayan komen2 sebenanya and i dont share lots of things there
di blog lebih indah selain d IG la

on dat particular monday (last monday) my tunang have to work sbb no leave dah
leave simpan for kahwin in december hehe
so i ada plan with fadd my ex kolejmate sekali dia ada urgent things to settle
so we cancelled
duuuhhhh nak buat apa ni kan takkan nak jalan sorang2 sampai petang?

so i think of hathsey my bff whos currently working in KL
and i called him
"hathsey, aku depan opis kau tok!"

"dan dannnn jak kau tokkk, kau cnei bahhhh??"

"aku di kl la tok ku sikda geng jalan"

"okay where r u now?i will fetch u later for lunch"

"oh really ok doky so u wont go back to the ofc after lunch?"

"aku halfday la today"


hahhahahah seronok gila okay!

so masa tu i was still in klcc jalan2 cuci mata bla bla
and i saw this cuppies at Bisou
wahhh so tempting and i think about my fiance
he's working at tower 3 and i wanted to ask him to go down sekejap to get this cutesy from me
i called him but sadly hes busy doing some paperworks so sikhal la
i will give him later

cam sedap kan? mmg sedap pun!

at 120pm camtu hathsey fetched me up
oh it feels so good seeing him again
and i love this unplanned thingy
kalau plan kompom tak jadi

do i tell you guys i love looking at the KLCC tower so much
be it day or night it gives me some kind of awe moment looking at it
even kalo dari airport kan nak sampai kl tu dari jaoh dah nampak tower ni kan my heart jumps with joy

and heres the pic from hathsey's car
sukaaaaaaa! :D


when i got into the car hathsey asked me where i want to have lunch
so i said "nasik daun pisang kat bangsar, sik duliiiii ku maok juak!"
ok jommmmmmmmm he said walaupun mula2 cam sikmok jak pegi sbb bangsar kot ada jaoh sikit
but then again iols sik duli
i still want!

to nirwana maju we went! :D

kena beratur uols
mana2 tpt kalau dah sampai beratur ni sedap la maksudnya, ye tak?
tggu la kejap in 10mins dah sampai pun turn weols

i have never experince eating on banana leaves ever in my life
selain nasik lemak la of course kan
i mean this kind of banana leaf rice i belom penah try
sapa ntah ari tu update kat IG i cannot tahan dah
and i semat dalam hati kalau pegi KL i must have it!

here is my lunch date for that day

mr hathsey my ex class mate at sains kch

 and me wearing sugarscarf madison classic eh tetiba nak bgtau brand tudong dah kenapa

 look at that!

serious nak lagi
org cakap kat kuching pun ada ni nanti i gi cari

lepas makan we go jalan2 some more at bangsar village 2
nak carik my wedding heels
masok aldo la masok clarks la tak jmpa satu hape pun
carik kat kch je lah kan

then singgah for desserts
this is the best red velvet cake ever kata dia
so we share la together this piece of RV at bisou

memang sedaaaaaaaaaaappp sangat lah!

later dlm kol 430pm camtu hathsey sent me back to klcc
sbb takut jammed kan

i had a good time boleh sembang with my bff ni
he was overjoyed knowing that im getting married soon
well of course he knew my past experieces
he will be the one who knew it first
with so many rejections and heart broken dramas, at last im going to be a bride ;)
life is different kan
ada yg jodoh cepat, ada yg lambat (like me) but i dont have complains on it
sapa nak kawen lambat ye tak?
but im glad with all the pains ive been through lead me to him, the love of my life

awwwwhhh so cheesy sudah maybe i miss him alot right now

thanx for your time hathsey i know u read my blog
thanx belanja me makan
im so thankful having u as my bestfriend
see you soon on my big day!


Friday, September 19, 2014

another shopping trip ;)

haluuuu readers tersayang
i forgot to tell you guys that i went to KL yeah again for another shopping trip
but this time lagi best dari yg 1st trip sb we planned to buy so many things together hehhee

my flight was on last saturday at anout 930 am
excited nak jmpa my tunang who waited for me at KLIA2.
oh did i tell you i love KLIA2 so much walaupun tak beli apa2 but still best!
ok layan gambar k malas nak cita panjang2 :)

selfie masa landed at KLIA2. Kau mampu? hehe

sampai2 je dah kol 11am and i was so hungry i could eat a horse
like seriously though ;P
so we went to Wendy's for some burger and cheesy fries
ohh sangat lahhh sedap!

dlm tghari camtu dah sampai KL and then terus ke jalan TAR beli kain baju melayu for my dad
and pink lace for my mom
then jmpa my bestfriend jijah at sogo
dia temankan we all beli cadar ehhe

mula2 carik tu jmpa la brand winny
price range dalam rm180 camtu jek sbb sale kan
penah jmpa brand sama kat metrojaya kch tp rm250 kalau tak silap
so agak murah la kan
tapi my tunang nak tgk brand lain
isk macam mahal jek yg lain ni
takpe saje je tgk2 duluu biar puas hati

last2 jumpa yang brand windsir
i just love the display sangat lah lawa
but the price agak mahal so i laluuuu je
but then my tunang said eh yang ni lawa kan sayang?
ok tak?
sambil tunjuk kat pattern yang i suka tadi tu
eh mestila lawa kot.
silk siap and kain sangat lembut
price dia dari rm899.00 after diskaun jadi rm550.00
kira oklah kan for our special day

mine is antara yang kat situ lah
lupa plak nak amik pic display

lepas shopping cadar and present my cousin kawen lapaaaa la plak
singgah makan kat restoran insaf
waaaaaaaaaaa seronok gila sbb lama tak makan sini kan
i order briyani ayam goreng
makan sampai nak nangis sbb sedap sangat

lepas makan singgah jln tar lagi i shopping shawls plak
murah gilaaaaa and i rambang mata
thank you hubs to be belanja amek soping
eh macam sik biasa ;P

second day tu plak on sunday me and tunang planned to buy the wedding ring
carik kat pavillion jek sbb dah set in my mind nak singgah Bvlgari
but then the one yg i suka tu memang lawa tapi pakai tak sedap on my fingers
so macam alaaaaaaaaaa
yang sedap pakai tu plak over dari budget yang Menteri Kewangan dah setkan
which is my tunang la kan
of course la dia dah tell me how much on the ring bla bla
okeh so no Bvlgari then
its okay i dont mind at all

penat pusing tu i browse la mana lagi jewelleries shop kat pavi ni
so ada Poh Kong
emmm jap gi singgah we lepak jap sebab dah penat

bila masok je Poh Kong tu we told them we are looking for wedding ring
and i saw one design and i terus jatoh chentaaaa!
it is a yellow gold ring with small diamonds around it and bigger diamond on top of it
sangat pretty and the best is its within our budget
just nice!

gembiranya tidak terkata when we finally agreed to the ring
are you sure with this sayang? he asked again and again
since i dah malas nak pusing mall and taknak susahkan diri sendiri so i agreed to it
plus its soooooooooo beautiful piece i cant say no to
and now look at our face ;P

muka happy lepas beli cincin
and thank you again my dearest fiance
u make me so very happy
and tetiba he said jommm u nak jeans baru eh?
jom gi DP

selamat la jeans baru for me

dalam tak sedar tu dah kol 3 okay
patut la lapar
blom lunch lagi ni

so we headed to Madam Kwan's for lunch
bila kat entrance tu kan i saw a poster and a lady berdiri kat poster tu mmg sebijik dengan gambar
and i tanyalah "are you Mdm Kwan?"
"yes, i am"

eehheheeehhee dah serupa lagi nak tanya kan
well just to make sure
so i ajakla begambar kejap
she is the owner of the restaurant which is so famous
banyak dah francais kat KL and its my tunang fav spot to eat
it was my first time there

Mdm Kwan and Ms Fieza

i ordered nasi bajuri and he ordered nasik goreng and mixed vege
oh nasi bajuri sangaatttttlah sedap!
rm26.90 per plate
agak pricey but kalau sedap apalah salahnya sekali sekala kan?

dipendekkan cerita here is the picture of my ring
well my ring box to be precise
eh tak suprise la kalau nak share pic dah kan
you all bersabar k
tak lama lagi disember and i will share pic satu2 orait?

pic ni i amik on my bed bila dah sampai kuching
asyik la bukak tutup bukak tutup jek kotak ni
pastu senyum sorang try cincin hehehe

hari ke 3 nya esok i share
i went to lunch with my bestfriend
esok i cita

oklah till then!


Friday, September 12, 2014

my reception dress

assalamualaikum my dear readers
rasanya macam dah bersawang gilaaaa la my blog kan?
lamaaa nya tak berceloteh dalam ni
salu update kat IG jek 

alhamdulilah my PC now dah okay takdelah slow sangat cam dulu
so lets update!

its now september u guyssss!
and my big day will be in december!

macam tak lamaaa je lagi kan?

well now baru la nak bercerita panjang
so bare with me cos it will gonna be a long post ahead! :D

last june i made a short weekend trip to KL
just because nak beli kain for my reception dress
and also kain for my abg2, adik2 and SILs
and also for my besties :)

and this trip nak early celebrate my bday actually
so my tunang belanja shopping! :D

awal pagi sabtu tu we both dah naik lrt off to jalan TAR
seronoknyaaaaa nak soping barang kawen ni haha
eh yela preparation macam ni sekali jek tau
bkn saluuuuu kaum adam nak bersesak2 temankan right?

sampai2 jek terus nak carik lace 
since my friend dah usha2 for me earlier so i dengan kompiden la cakap
"saya nak carik french lace"
ok jom naik atas

sampai2 je waaaaaa siap ada kerusi2 segala
and kain pun sumpaaahhhh lawa sangat

sempat lagi! :P

belek2 kain waahhh lawa sangat ni
bila tanya harga semeter terus telan eklior
ribu2 kaaauuuuuu pengsan iols!
encik tunang yg dudok tu terus berdiri dengar

kompom la bukan bajet kitaorang kan but still saje nak tanya and feel the kain
bila lagi kan nak carik2 lace ni
so we went downstairs instead carik yg murah sket hehe

and so setelah berjam2 memilih yang mana satu i ended up with this one!

hehe chantek kan?
i memang teringin nak kaler ni and i found it
and harga mmg in the budget
takde la berpeloh2 sang tunang nak membayornyeee lol
i nak beli 2meter je for the dress and then he said "bukan you teringin nak pakai full lace dress ke sayang?"
awwwhhh rasa nak menitik airmata bila dengar dia cakap tu
eh boleh ke sayang 4meter?
boleehhh! why not? bukan selalu kan and its for our big day
so 4meter it is termasok kain lining sekali, kain net segala la
ohhh im so happy!
kesayangan sangat ni tunang saya ni hehe

and then dah settle kain i, pilih kain for baju melayu dia plak
for akad we chose to wear white so white it is

then here is kain for my four besties
Nieza, Juzz, Bobet and Sue
they wanted to wear royal blue as their theme color
bought the lace as well for them
sweet sangat combination kaler ni kan?

and here is what i chose for my SILs, my adik ida and fatin
seronok dorang dapat kain ni lawa kan?
i pilih yg pakej lace together with kain baju melayu for my tiga org abg kesayangan
abg2 will wear light pink
haaaa merasalah korang pakai baju melayu pink on my wedding

kesian aku tgk kak zaniah Jakel tu habis kain2 kat situ aku belek
yelah kan banyak kaler kot nak pilih
dia layannnn je kehendak customer cerewet macam aku ni

balik kuching tu i takde idea lagi nak buat wedding dress ni kat mana
and i knew that cosry dah bukak cawangan kat kuching
but ish boleh ke eh?
so i went there earlier just to know the price bla bla
i met the owner, miss amni nak tanya pasal tu
so after i (and tunang hikhiks) agreed with the price offered then she set me up for the appointment with the designer himself;
the famous abang putra :D

i adore his collection so very much since zaman dahuluuuu lagi
pernah la berangan kan nak having him as the designer
waahhh berangan kauuuu haa siap belek magazine kan
alang2 dia dah ada butik kat sini so apalah salahnyaaa aiseh
bukan selaluuuuuu :P

i went there last 2 weeks kalau tak silap
pegi with my mom and fatin
huisshh berdebar2 nak jmpa ngan designer ni korangggg
yelah salu nampak kat TV je takpun kat IG
takut2 la dia sombong ke senyap ke yelah iols kan org biasa

bila jmpa tu MasyaAllah sangat la periang orangnya
hiiiiii Fiezaaaaaa katanya
ohhh cam kenal lama dah
of course amni already told him about me hhehe
so lega la kat situ

we bincang2 the design through sketch he drew me and ohhh i feel like i was dreaming
here i am with abang putra tgh bincang2 lukis2 dress ni uols
eh betol la kan
alhamdulilah mimpi jadi kenyataan
so jangan takut bermimpi ok!

just a simple long dress with a lil bit button details
keciknyaaaa pinggang tu kan
kalau ikut my measurement satu manila kad pun tak muat ni

bak kata bobet his sketch tu patut kena enlarge
ahaaahhah cis bedebah kau bobet

then he took my measurement bla bla
ishh segan part ukur lilitan pinggang tu la
aku rasa akuuu laa client paling mokmok agaknya kan?
eh takpe akan diusahakan utk slim melim soon

ni yg gelak besar sambil ukur bahu tu i dont remember why
tapi kan abg putra ni sangat ramah tau
cakap lembut jeeee baik sangat!

abis measure tu i confirm la lagi design tu ngan dia
and he said ehhh fieza i will make the best for you
mesti fieza cantekkkk nanti!

baju tak siap lagi tapi seronok nyaaaaa lahai
before i leave sempat tangkap gambar lagi some more
eh bukan senang nak jmpa ni
sbb upon appointment je dia akan datang kuching
kalau tak memang kat the curve or butik kat bangsar je dia

with my dearest wedding dress designer, abg putra :)

and lastly group picture with miss amni the co owner butik cosry kat kuching ni

thank your for layanan yg super awesome from house of cosry kuching
my mom pun terjebak beli baju kurong kat sini
chantek sangat!

will meet him again soon in november
semoga akan kurus sket la masa fitting tu nanti hahaha

sekian sahaja cerita baju reception saya
baju akad nanti i cita lagi k

till next update!