Saturday, September 20, 2014

over banana leaf rice and RV cake

goodmorning kawan2 readers saya
di pagi sabtu yang hening ini im so excited to blog
ive lots of things to share
dont worry guys semangat nak blogging masih membara2

actually i dont post any pictures on my fb during my short trip
i just dont feel to
malas melayan komen2 sebenanya and i dont share lots of things there
di blog lebih indah selain d IG la

on dat particular monday (last monday) my tunang have to work sbb no leave dah
leave simpan for kahwin in december hehe
so i ada plan with fadd my ex kolejmate sekali dia ada urgent things to settle
so we cancelled
duuuhhhh nak buat apa ni kan takkan nak jalan sorang2 sampai petang?

so i think of hathsey my bff whos currently working in KL
and i called him
"hathsey, aku depan opis kau tok!"

"dan dannnn jak kau tokkk, kau cnei bahhhh??"

"aku di kl la tok ku sikda geng jalan"

"okay where r u now?i will fetch u later for lunch"

"oh really ok doky so u wont go back to the ofc after lunch?"

"aku halfday la today"


hahhahahah seronok gila okay!

so masa tu i was still in klcc jalan2 cuci mata bla bla
and i saw this cuppies at Bisou
wahhh so tempting and i think about my fiance
he's working at tower 3 and i wanted to ask him to go down sekejap to get this cutesy from me
i called him but sadly hes busy doing some paperworks so sikhal la
i will give him later

cam sedap kan? mmg sedap pun!

at 120pm camtu hathsey fetched me up
oh it feels so good seeing him again
and i love this unplanned thingy
kalau plan kompom tak jadi

do i tell you guys i love looking at the KLCC tower so much
be it day or night it gives me some kind of awe moment looking at it
even kalo dari airport kan nak sampai kl tu dari jaoh dah nampak tower ni kan my heart jumps with joy

and heres the pic from hathsey's car
sukaaaaaaa! :D


when i got into the car hathsey asked me where i want to have lunch
so i said "nasik daun pisang kat bangsar, sik duliiiii ku maok juak!"
ok jommmmmmmmm he said walaupun mula2 cam sikmok jak pegi sbb bangsar kot ada jaoh sikit
but then again iols sik duli
i still want!

to nirwana maju we went! :D

kena beratur uols
mana2 tpt kalau dah sampai beratur ni sedap la maksudnya, ye tak?
tggu la kejap in 10mins dah sampai pun turn weols

i have never experince eating on banana leaves ever in my life
selain nasik lemak la of course kan
i mean this kind of banana leaf rice i belom penah try
sapa ntah ari tu update kat IG i cannot tahan dah
and i semat dalam hati kalau pegi KL i must have it!

here is my lunch date for that day

mr hathsey my ex class mate at sains kch

 and me wearing sugarscarf madison classic eh tetiba nak bgtau brand tudong dah kenapa

 look at that!

serious nak lagi
org cakap kat kuching pun ada ni nanti i gi cari

lepas makan we go jalan2 some more at bangsar village 2
nak carik my wedding heels
masok aldo la masok clarks la tak jmpa satu hape pun
carik kat kch je lah kan

then singgah for desserts
this is the best red velvet cake ever kata dia
so we share la together this piece of RV at bisou

memang sedaaaaaaaaaaappp sangat lah!

later dlm kol 430pm camtu hathsey sent me back to klcc
sbb takut jammed kan

i had a good time boleh sembang with my bff ni
he was overjoyed knowing that im getting married soon
well of course he knew my past experieces
he will be the one who knew it first
with so many rejections and heart broken dramas, at last im going to be a bride ;)
life is different kan
ada yg jodoh cepat, ada yg lambat (like me) but i dont have complains on it
sapa nak kawen lambat ye tak?
but im glad with all the pains ive been through lead me to him, the love of my life

awwwwhhh so cheesy sudah maybe i miss him alot right now

thanx for your time hathsey i know u read my blog
thanx belanja me makan
im so thankful having u as my bestfriend
see you soon on my big day!


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