Tuesday, May 27, 2008


have u ever feel that u have found a soulmate
but sadly, u cant be with him?
have u ever told yourself that u never say his name again
but still, his name is forever there in your heart

have u ever think of moving on
but your heart can even take it

have u ever think about love
and he's the one u think of

have u ever cried missing him it hurts
but he never ever knew
love should be a happy ending story but sometimes it has a price to pay.the ego, the bruise in your heart, the tears..but still, longing to be loved even facing the most hurtful consequences phase in life.
quoted by a very special person in my life:
" true love never runs smooth"


hye all.its been ages since my last post n i got lots of things happening but i dont know why the laziness keep me off the pc to update.huhu..
fyi, my motherboard dah rosak n i need to get a new one asap.otherwise, i'll be paying the RM88 streamyx package monthly for nothing.im using a modem which able me to wi fi at home but i have no laptop.kesiankan.my pc is my bestfren should i say cos its in my room, i'll be onlining 24/7 sometimes.when im free, i'll be in front of it till late.gosh, i miss my PC!!.entah why la rosak.mmg la my room no aircond but i still cant take it.i need my pc to make my day.usually when i wake up, the FIRST thing i wld do is turn on my pc and after having short shower, i'll be in front of it to updates the latest news of the day via utusan n berita harian.while bersiap2 to work, i'll surely listen to my fav songs just to boost up energy to start my day..but..its gone now.my mum give me some options.a new motherboard or a lappy.thinking of a new vaio which i can pay installmently but i dont think so.with my salary, after tolak sana sini, i need to admit i couldnt afford a vaio even paying it monthly.huhu.kenyataan sangat memilukan.but elokla kan dari nak tunjok that i can buy a gojes vaio kaper pink yg sgt2 diidamkan, tp sengsara nak bayar n tak boleh dah nak joli sana sini.so, i think i'll get a new motherboard jek la..lappy next yr beli.insyaAllah..

Thursday, May 8, 2008


hye all...

last nite i went to movies again w my dear frens;nieza,bobet n aswar.we watched the freedom kingdom and the show started at 915pm and later we had supper together at family cafe.this place always packed w ppl even the nite is getting late.makin aher makin rami org.

as for today, i have a LOT of tasks to do.lots of complaints from the customer due to the delay reconnection.every calls seems like a nitemare.the dialogue wld be 'where is ur manager?i dont want to talk to u.I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER.NOW!.huhu..that is normal for me now.even sometimes it traumatized me a bit to answer the calls.but i always remembered what my senior staff told me, just sit n relax.no matter how mad she/he is, he cant even see your face.just use ur skills to cool them down..well, im sooo good at it now..hehhe.bukan senang tau nak keje kat call center ni.kene sabaq byk2...tawakal jek..semua keje ade dugaan.kalo x, x thrill la,betol sik kawan2?hehhe
so far, i do love my job, my colleagues, my team leaders and all la..no matter how challenging it is, if u have the interest then nothing can be a border..esok keja.final day of the week.my off days will be on sat n sun.going to shop w my mum this weekend.cant wait.she's the best shopping partner that one could have.hhehe
need a beauty sleep now..
nite fellow..
i have a crush.
i cant tell who it is.
sooo personal.hehe
the feeling is like me having a secret admirer during my school years.
i'll be sooo pucat around him..hehhe
crap.childish.i hate this.huhu

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

birthday bash

as what i said on my previous post, i'd like to share d birthday bash for my dearest frens; juzz n bobet last sat.

venue: the junk restaurant
time: 8.00pm
date: 3rd may 2008[saturday]
guests of honour: me, nieza, juzz, zilah n bobet

the cake.comelkan?

happy w the cute cake

we had sooo much fun that nite plus, nieza is soooo generous to pay for the dinner as a treat due to her 1st pay cheque.the food were heavenly delicious.once i mention the word heaven, well u know that it means soooo damn good. the junk is my fav western food restaurant here in kch.they're soo famous for their fettucinni carbonara and the fruit crush.gosh, im started to feel hungry again now.huhu..

sirloin steak.my 1st time.seriously nyam skal!
grilled fish.nieza's.very juicy.sedap!
lamb shank.juzz fav.my fav as well but i cant take so much lamb.my head will get dizzy after some bite so i controlled myself from ordering this dish.

i didn't manage to snap over zillah's n bobet's meals since we were soo bz trying each other's meals.each n everyone of us really satisfied w the food n drinks that we ordered.THUMBS UP TO THE JUNK! ;)

so, after dinner we went to bing to have late nite.what a day to be remember.my biggest thank you to miss nieza for treating the dinner.muah muah!

Monday, May 5, 2008

bz days.

hye my dear all.. last wk was sooo bz for me since my off day on 1st may till last nite, 4th may..i have a llllooooott of things to share n kerana kesibukan yg menggebu, tidak bisa utk ku jenguk my beloved blog ni..let me recap ok..

1st may: THE SPRING

today is a holiday for all..so since im quite bz lately, at last i have the time to spend w my mum kesayangan, my niece; fatin n sis ida..
we went to the spring[biggest shopping mall in kch] at about 2 something and the weather was sooo good..actually the agenda to be there is my mum wanna look at habib jewels exhibition held there.50% off disc for the white gold..the price range was soooo temptingly unbelievable.i tried on some white gold rings and my fav is the one w the price tag of 6k.hahaha.but aft disc, 3k sahaja.i was soo tempted to take pics but well, i cant obviously at that kind of place..cantek sangat design nya n mula la memasang angan2 utk memiliki one piece of jewelery every lady should have, A DIAMOND BLING2 RING! ohhh yes... *blink blink*
then, we went to vincci.fatin will be joining a dancing competition during bsn's gala dinner[my mum's workplace] in 2wks time and she needs a new pair of nice sandals for her to dance.fatin ni, she's only 10 y.o but she's really gooood in dancing.she can dance to any high school musical songs, hannah montana, cheetah girls n the lists goes on and on..just name it la...she's actually my eldest bro's lil daughter.sometimes i dont feel like she's my niece.she's more like my own sis.can't believe she's 10 now.time really flies..
after one n another sandals tried by her, at last she found her fav, here it is, comelkan.a cute white wedges.pic taken on my bed.hehe.now she fits vincci i tell u..size 4 la..adoi cepatnye besar budak ni..

and my mum pun belilah sepasang.im the one who tolong pilihkan pun dah quite exhausted well u know kan, nak pilih sandal pun amik mase tau.n suddenly..

mummy: u want a pair don't u?just pick any sandal that u want to.but only ONE pair ok?

me: *grin* menarkah?oh oh..makaseh mak...

tiba2 ada semangat baru menyelinap d jiwa n dgn senang hati i memilih any sandals that i like..gosh,the feeling beza tau dari beli sendiri.hahha x malu.dah tua pun mak spon lagi.eh, biarlaaaa.my mum is the best n x sia2 saya menjadi supir paling setia.hhhaha..

here's my choice.i took this pic today.dah pakai pun g ofc.hehhe.shantek sangat..teringat zaman berkaseh mase kolej dlu my ex tu suke i pakai sandal kaler puteh.entah kenapa...y aaa my dear?*suddenly teringat those memories during my yrs at kypm bangi..sigh*

after we went home at about 630pm, i went out again w nieza n bobet.[penat tiada dlm kamus hidup.hhaha]again, i went to the spring to accompany bobet finding a working attire..i didnt have any plans there.just window shopping at padini and bought some big apple's delicious donuts for my family.big apple donuts has just opened its franchise here in kch n the people really love them.the customers are willing to line up for hours just to have a bite for this famous donuts[including me!]..

here's my fav donuts.im lovin' it!

then, me nieza n bobet went to barok to have late nite drinks.didnt have any pics to snap sbb dah mlm sangat2 n soo sleepyy..so its a wrap for the day ;)

2nd may: IRONMAN

friday.its my off day and i used that time to tidy up my room.sapu, mop, kemas2 apa yg patut n bila ptg as usual i pick up my mum frm the ofc.since it was raininnnggg soo heavily, we didn't singgah anywhere n just went straight home.
later that nite, me n nieza went to star cineplex to watch newly release movie. ironman.actually we joined a bunch of my colleagues who wanted to watch the same movie n i really enjoyed the group wise cos salunya mek 2 nieza jak bah but that nite, it was 10 of us.really happening..to those who have not watch this, go n enjoy the movie.mmg best!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOBET! may all the happiness be w u, dilumayankan rezeki, cepat dapat jodoh yg elok budi bahasa, dapat membimbing n can accept the way u are, for better n for worse. bobet is 25th this yr and i pray the best for her.i love u bobet!

my off day again.hehhe.3days in a row.jeles?silakan.hehhe..today im attending my ex schoolmate's wedding, HAFIZAH n her hubby, ZULHARDY at civic center.went there w nieza n juzz.
pizah loookkss soo gorgeous wearing a pink modern kebaya desiged custom madely from cosry boutique.pics say thousand words isn't it?jom enjoy the pics..

to pizah n zul, semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.thanx for inviting us ok.my turn will come so very soon[amin!] n make sure datang k..

gosh, sooo tired putting up the pics and all.i need to have a gd nyte sleep now.actually the stories didn't end up here.esok i update lagi pasal a birthday bash for juzz n bobet at famous western food restaurant that we celebrated later that nite.so chow chin cii..nyte!