Tuesday, May 27, 2008


hye all.its been ages since my last post n i got lots of things happening but i dont know why the laziness keep me off the pc to update.huhu..
fyi, my motherboard dah rosak n i need to get a new one asap.otherwise, i'll be paying the RM88 streamyx package monthly for nothing.im using a modem which able me to wi fi at home but i have no laptop.kesiankan.my pc is my bestfren should i say cos its in my room, i'll be onlining 24/7 sometimes.when im free, i'll be in front of it till late.gosh, i miss my PC!!.entah why la rosak.mmg la my room no aircond but i still cant take it.i need my pc to make my day.usually when i wake up, the FIRST thing i wld do is turn on my pc and after having short shower, i'll be in front of it to updates the latest news of the day via utusan n berita harian.while bersiap2 to work, i'll surely listen to my fav songs just to boost up energy to start my day..but..its gone now.my mum give me some options.a new motherboard or a lappy.thinking of a new vaio which i can pay installmently but i dont think so.with my salary, after tolak sana sini, i need to admit i couldnt afford a vaio even paying it monthly.huhu.kenyataan sangat memilukan.but elokla kan dari nak tunjok that i can buy a gojes vaio kaper pink yg sgt2 diidamkan, tp sengsara nak bayar n tak boleh dah nak joli sana sini.so, i think i'll get a new motherboard jek la..lappy next yr beli.insyaAllah..

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