Thursday, May 8, 2008


hye all...

last nite i went to movies again w my dear frens;nieza,bobet n aswar.we watched the freedom kingdom and the show started at 915pm and later we had supper together at family cafe.this place always packed w ppl even the nite is getting late.makin aher makin rami org.

as for today, i have a LOT of tasks to do.lots of complaints from the customer due to the delay reconnection.every calls seems like a nitemare.the dialogue wld be 'where is ur manager?i dont want to talk to u.I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER.NOW!.huhu..that is normal for me now.even sometimes it traumatized me a bit to answer the calls.but i always remembered what my senior staff told me, just sit n matter how mad she/he is, he cant even see your face.just use ur skills to cool them down..well, im sooo good at it now..hehhe.bukan senang tau nak keje kat call center ni.kene sabaq byk2...tawakal jek..semua keje ade dugaan.kalo x, x thrill la,betol sik kawan2?hehhe
so far, i do love my job, my colleagues, my team leaders and all matter how challenging it is, if u have the interest then nothing can be a border..esok day of the off days will be on sat n sun.going to shop w my mum this weekend.cant wait.she's the best shopping partner that one could have.hhehe
need a beauty sleep now..
nite fellow..
i have a crush.
i cant tell who it is.
sooo personal.hehe
the feeling is like me having a secret admirer during my school years.
i'll be sooo pucat around him..hehhe
crap.childish.i hate this.huhu


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

You've been awarded..(",) check my blog out keh..

fahmi said...

sabar yer biasalah kalau dah kerja kat call center nih. macam2 ragam dr customer..:)