Thursday, January 24, 2013

kay ellll


tomorrow morning im gonna take a flight to KL
with bobet and nieza
we'll be attending ima's wedding on saturday

its the earliest flight
7am hokeyyyy
and alhamdulilah my boyfie tersayang is willing to send me off to the airport
sayang dia ketat ketatttt
he said he'll gonna fetch me at 5am
so that boleh lepak breakfast dulu
i dah terbang, dia plak gi ofis sbb kena siapkan tonnes of paperwork
workaholic katanya cuti PH pun nak keja
sikhal boleh claim OT :)

i will stay at my bestie's condo in gombak if im not mistaken
so till later
esok 1st plan nak serbu ikea kat the curve
nak makan meatbaaalllssss!

anyway, thankyou mommy for the pocket money
dah nak masok 30 pon mommy bagi duit lagi
tak mintak pun ok
rejeki jangan ditolak kheennnnnn
pocket money kompom ada hihi ;P
belom esok lagi my dad bagi
hahhaaaha bukan salu
fieza sangat hepiiiiiiii boleh sopping banyak banyaakkkk

till then.

salam maulidur rasul from me to my dearest readers
mari selawat banyak2


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


im fine, thank you very much

i have lots to learn at the new work place
bila balik keja i mesti terbongkang dah
memang penat
penat otak ok

now i know keja opis camana

amek kau

but my colleagues are very helpful
bosses pun best
nanti la i cita panjang k!

esok dah khamis.
lusa dah jumaat



till then!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

farewell dinner

last friday was my last working at the department
i had mixed feelings
happy ada
sedeh pun ye
but life has to continue right?

five years here i learnt a lot
jumpa ramai kawan2 yang best
and within these 5 years, ada yang i kenal since dorang single
sampai kapel-tunang-kawen-ada anak

that day i tak amik pics pun with my friends
sebab i taknak ganggu dorang buat keja
and i taknak nanges
which is impossible to do

masa nak balik 630pm tu i gi cubicle dayang nor
shes my closest friends here
yg lain i rapat tu offdays la plak so tak jmpa la that day
i said to dayang nor jangan lah nangis
and she cried immediately
well aku pun nangis jugak
tipula kan kalau tak
we all rapat sangat
apa2 cita pun i will share with her
sedihnya lahh
but what i can do is pray for her success, happiness always

whatsapp kan ada?

wearing purple that day

balik umah tu i siap2 jap 
and later kak norma fetched me 
off to topspot for my farewell dinner

 kak suhana and kak surhayani
geng keras ni
kak suhana ni ex colleague now dah keja gomen jugak
glad to see her after so long :)

 kak norma, kak kasuma, me and kak suhana

 ini je pic makanan yg sempat i snap
sedap makan takyah la nak snap2. boleh?

i am touched for having them organizing this dinner for me
like waaaaa kitak orang susah2 jak ehhh
i didnt ask for any cos i know everyone got their own commitment
im glad and more than happy to have them all 

 with my favourite TL, kak kasuma and en said

en said is my TL (team leader) for more than 4 years there
he's the best ive ever known
very sporting but firm in the same time
kalau ada silap buat keja dia tegur elok2
tak penah la dalam sekalipun he ever hurted my feelings
amazing kan to have this kind of superior?
may Allah blessed him always

dah abis makan ada penyampaian hadiah la plak
ish segan ok
tapi sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! hehe
sapa la tak suka hadiah ye dak? ;P

 oh i love the wrapping
puple siap and pink ribbon
how thoughtful!

last but not least, group pic!

 happy faces! 
amek sukaaaaaaaaaaa!

so lets see whats inside the wrapping paper

 dalam kad tu ucapan beramai2
i baca sambil nangesss
sayu hati amek ok!

here it is!

a printed ceramic 
with my closest friends' faces on it
with mine too! hehhee

people i paling rapat d ofc
actually most of them satu group under the same TL
and cubicle pun dekat2
thats why we all rapat :)

oh my
i will miss them a LOT for sure

thank you very much for the dinner and the precious gift
thank you for the time and efforts
its very hard to say goodbye but i know friendship with them will always continue

thank you so much

Friday, January 4, 2013

happy news on 2nd jan

ini cerita pada 2nd january
ada cerita best sket nak share :)

i went out with my sis, ida to update my asb
lama jugak la bertenggek kat bank sbb nak update kan
tapi takde hal la sebab nak tgk brp dividen dan bonus tahun ni
lumayan ke tak?

lepas balik dari bank tu i sampai rumah
tukar baju and just lazing on my bed
tetiba fatin panggil cakap i dapat surat

wahh surat rasmi ni

sebab i tengah tunggu surat penempatan
kan i dapat keja baru that day kan
tapi tak tau bila and kat mana kena report duty

so i bukak surat hoh nabes tuuuu
and i saw the address

i will be reporting my duty at the HQ
here in kuching!
next monday, 7th january

syukur Ya Allah

i terus la call all my fam members, my chenta, my besties
whatsapping here and there telling the happy news
happy ok

and malam tu i went out for dinner with my chenta
i wanted to celebrate and i want somewhere special
wahhh demand kau!

he brought me to fullhouse, the hills
i always love this place
for their yummy dishes
and the ambience
sangat-sangat special rasanya that nite :')

my beef carbonara

the desserts

im so happy sebab now i have someone to share my happiness with
am not sharing just the happy one
kalau yg sedeh2 pun i cita kat dia
semua2 lah i cita
he's like my bestfriend cos he listens to all

when we done with the dinner, we were approached by a chinese guy
wearing suit some more
i thought this maybe a manager nak tanya makan sedap ke tak
nak buat rating ke kan

sekali kauuu, dia intro kan diri dia
and said he's the magician
the official one for fullhouse restaurant
we were like "woowww this is interesting!"

and he showed us few magic tricks and it was awesome
i shouldve taken more pics but we were concentrating on his show
gila best!

haluuu. amek keja di kuching jak

so tomorrow (friday) is my last day at my current workplace
it is not easy to leave a place where ive spent my five entire years with
five years ok!
ive grown up with the company
i learnt a lot
ive endure the pain and enjoy the happy times as well

i will leave my closest friends behind
my awesome superior as well
but this is life
life must go on, right?

im welcoming this new adventure positively
it will be a new experience for me im sure
but i will learn and try my best to be a better person

and later tomorrow night, the department has organize a farewell dinner for me
i am touched!
gonna update more soon on that ok


Thursday, January 3, 2013

first lunch

maklumla kan awal2 tahun ni semua la update tajuk entry mula dengan 'first'

so masa cuti 1st jan tu i went out with my besties, nieza and bobet
rindunyeeewwww ngan dorang ni tau
went to plaza merdeka for shopping sket
then baru lunch kat pizza hut


 nieza and me

ramai betol orang masa tu
i sempat beli new tops kat cotton on
sale sampai 50% okkkk
semua rasa nak beli
tapi taknak la memborong sangat 
sbb end of the month nak ke KL dah

cam biasa we had our favourite pizza
with favourite crust; cheesy laa
sedap gila!

lepas makan bobet went back earlier
sbb nak keluar with her colleagues plak
me and nieza lepak lagi layan nutella crepe
takde pics sedap sangat

sapa2 org kuching baca blog kmk tok sila lah beli crepe rah mazazu crepe
rah plaza merdeka, debah sekali
sama leret ngan everise depan watson

bah ya jak tek
ya ujong


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year's eve

my first entry of the year

2012 has been a good year for me
well, obviously u guys know why right?
found a man of my dream
got a better job
life is filled with love all around me
from my family, close friends and my chenta
i couldnt ask for more

so last night my family ada buat bbq party
party la kiranya sebab semua pun ada
my siblings, my sis in laws, anak2 buah semua ada
meriah ok!
and the best part is, my chenta was also there
my mum invited him to join the get together
ai mestilah happy kheeennnnnn
with lots of food, family and him around, what else?
it felt so complete :D

he fetched me at 730pm cos nak pick up cake at secret recipe
i booked kat sr satok tp takde stok
so kena booked kat branch plaza merdeka
i nak g sana right after work tp tak sempat
so my dearest la yang temankan

sampai jek rumah tengok my abang amat dah siap panggang ok
semangat betol
and mr chenta terus tolong apa2 yang patut
oh sukaaaa
me terus tukar baju and join tolong panggang semua

malam tu kak ita my sil goreng mihun and buat tomyam ayam
for bbq ada ayam, daging, sotong and hotdogs
banyaakkk ok!
tapi takde pics sbb ai kan busy menolong khennnn ahhaaha

dlm kol 9 camtu we all makan2 semua
meriah betol
i like
fyi, i never celebrate my new year d rumah dengan boypren siap ada sekali ok
never ever
this is my first time

lepas makan budak2 main xbox
gila best
dengan abang2 ai sekali pun join
dia pun main jugak
i shouldve taken a lot of pics last nite
but i was busy makan haha and gelak beramai2 tgk karenah dorang

lepas makan2 gelak2 its time for desserts

everyone's faveret!
choc indulgence

courtesy of my boypren 
thank you yayang amek for the cake
everyone is enjoying every bite of it
waiz lagi funny ok
bila i potongkan kek for him kan,

he said "udak, amek maok nok merah ya banyak2 aaa"

what a wonderful night to remember
my year started beautifully
hopefully it stays that way, always :)

to my readers, happy new year 2013
thanx for keep on reading walaupun sik komen sik ada hal
i will try to update more often

till then