Sunday, January 6, 2013

farewell dinner

last friday was my last working at the department
i had mixed feelings
happy ada
sedeh pun ye
but life has to continue right?

five years here i learnt a lot
jumpa ramai kawan2 yang best
and within these 5 years, ada yang i kenal since dorang single
sampai kapel-tunang-kawen-ada anak

that day i tak amik pics pun with my friends
sebab i taknak ganggu dorang buat keja
and i taknak nanges
which is impossible to do

masa nak balik 630pm tu i gi cubicle dayang nor
shes my closest friends here
yg lain i rapat tu offdays la plak so tak jmpa la that day
i said to dayang nor jangan lah nangis
and she cried immediately
well aku pun nangis jugak
tipula kan kalau tak
we all rapat sangat
apa2 cita pun i will share with her
sedihnya lahh
but what i can do is pray for her success, happiness always

whatsapp kan ada?

wearing purple that day

balik umah tu i siap2 jap 
and later kak norma fetched me 
off to topspot for my farewell dinner

 kak suhana and kak surhayani
geng keras ni
kak suhana ni ex colleague now dah keja gomen jugak
glad to see her after so long :)

 kak norma, kak kasuma, me and kak suhana

 ini je pic makanan yg sempat i snap
sedap makan takyah la nak snap2. boleh?

i am touched for having them organizing this dinner for me
like waaaaa kitak orang susah2 jak ehhh
i didnt ask for any cos i know everyone got their own commitment
im glad and more than happy to have them all 

 with my favourite TL, kak kasuma and en said

en said is my TL (team leader) for more than 4 years there
he's the best ive ever known
very sporting but firm in the same time
kalau ada silap buat keja dia tegur elok2
tak penah la dalam sekalipun he ever hurted my feelings
amazing kan to have this kind of superior?
may Allah blessed him always

dah abis makan ada penyampaian hadiah la plak
ish segan ok
tapi sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! hehe
sapa la tak suka hadiah ye dak? ;P

 oh i love the wrapping
puple siap and pink ribbon
how thoughtful!

last but not least, group pic!

 happy faces! 
amek sukaaaaaaaaaaa!

so lets see whats inside the wrapping paper

 dalam kad tu ucapan beramai2
i baca sambil nangesss
sayu hati amek ok!

here it is!

a printed ceramic 
with my closest friends' faces on it
with mine too! hehhee

people i paling rapat d ofc
actually most of them satu group under the same TL
and cubicle pun dekat2
thats why we all rapat :)

oh my
i will miss them a LOT for sure

thank you very much for the dinner and the precious gift
thank you for the time and efforts
its very hard to say goodbye but i know friendship with them will always continue

thank you so much


Anonymous said...

kmk suka pic kita rami ya,semua senyummmmm...aiee kacak frame ceramic ya eh...

M.A.M.A said...

kacak ceramic ya zaa...