Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year's eve

my first entry of the year

2012 has been a good year for me
well, obviously u guys know why right?
found a man of my dream
got a better job
life is filled with love all around me
from my family, close friends and my chenta
i couldnt ask for more

so last night my family ada buat bbq party
party la kiranya sebab semua pun ada
my siblings, my sis in laws, anak2 buah semua ada
meriah ok!
and the best part is, my chenta was also there
my mum invited him to join the get together
ai mestilah happy kheeennnnnn
with lots of food, family and him around, what else?
it felt so complete :D

he fetched me at 730pm cos nak pick up cake at secret recipe
i booked kat sr satok tp takde stok
so kena booked kat branch plaza merdeka
i nak g sana right after work tp tak sempat
so my dearest la yang temankan

sampai jek rumah tengok my abang amat dah siap panggang ok
semangat betol
and mr chenta terus tolong apa2 yang patut
oh sukaaaa
me terus tukar baju and join tolong panggang semua

malam tu kak ita my sil goreng mihun and buat tomyam ayam
for bbq ada ayam, daging, sotong and hotdogs
banyaakkk ok!
tapi takde pics sbb ai kan busy menolong khennnn ahhaaha

dlm kol 9 camtu we all makan2 semua
meriah betol
i like
fyi, i never celebrate my new year d rumah dengan boypren siap ada sekali ok
never ever
this is my first time

lepas makan budak2 main xbox
gila best
dengan abang2 ai sekali pun join
dia pun main jugak
i shouldve taken a lot of pics last nite
but i was busy makan haha and gelak beramai2 tgk karenah dorang

lepas makan2 gelak2 its time for desserts

everyone's faveret!
choc indulgence

courtesy of my boypren 
thank you yayang amek for the cake
everyone is enjoying every bite of it
waiz lagi funny ok
bila i potongkan kek for him kan,

he said "udak, amek maok nok merah ya banyak2 aaa"

what a wonderful night to remember
my year started beautifully
hopefully it stays that way, always :)

to my readers, happy new year 2013
thanx for keep on reading walaupun sik komen sik ada hal
i will try to update more often

till then

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khairul onggon said...

Selamat tahun baru 2013 Pija :)