Monday, December 31, 2012

fabulous friday

fabulous friday i had :)
well of course when i spent it with my sayang

this whole week was a busy one for us
especially to him
salu lepas keja he would fetch me and went to dinner
by 830pm dah sampai umah
cepat kan?
sebab nak cepat balik to rest

so when friday comes boleh la jalan2 kat mall
dinner pun best
we had a longer quality time together :)

that day we went to kenny rogers
lamaaa dah tak makan sini
like usual i would have my quarter meal

that night memang i simple jek
jeans, a grey top and a black tudong itam express
memang very express takyah pin takyah lilit :)
cos later katanya nak tengok movie
so simple jek lah.

after dinner jalan2 dalam parkson
i wanted a new pair of shoes
and he said he wanted to buy for me
awwhhh u shouldnt have
but he wanted to
so i carik la kasut or wedges or heels ke kan
but nothing caught my eyes

and then he said kalau tak jmpa kasut, handbag baru pun bolehhh
haih ni lagi pening nak mencari
but we went to buy movie tickets first at the MBO
then sambung lagi pencarian d padini
tengok kat seed, tak berkenan
tengok kat vincci siap mintak nak tengok yang baru punya bag tapi last2 taknak
so i said tengok balik kat parkson boleh tak?
boleh he said. no problem with that katanya

off we went to parkson again
tengok2 belek2 takde jugak yg berkenan di hati

so he said "how if i buy u perfume? maybe its easier for u to choose"

orait perfume then! :)
lalu tengok dkny and sampai kat counter coach
nampak botol2 yang sangat lawa
tried some samples and i easily chose my new favourite smell
a very nice one :D

here's my baby

 coach poppy flower edp 
dapat miniature dkny fresh blossom for free

thank you darling!
love you much.
banyak banyak banyaaakkkkkkk! :)

before tido that nite i told him i havent buy you anything just yet
its ok katanya
"u've given me your love everyday
thats just enough for me"


though he didnt ask for anything
but i know he loves to eat
especially when im the one who cooked
so today i baked him macaroni
baked cheese macaroni

nampak messy with mozarella cheese on top
but the taste alhamdulilah sedap

he rated 9/10
sukanyaaaa tengok dia makan tadi
before ni i ada buat cucur durian dapat 7/10 jek
so dapat markah lebih saya sangat happyyyy!

looking forward to cook for him again
i know it will be more and more dishes 
and more points will be given too


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M.A.M.A said...

perfume idaman kmk!!!