Tuesday, December 11, 2012

surat keramat

this year i can mark it as a happy year for me
a very happy one
very very the!

not just for me though.
my besties are too
nieza got engaged and married this year
juzz is preggy for her second baby
bobet got a better job offer which paid nearly double from her prev job
and suesie started her own baking business

everyone has their own wonderful stories to be told
and so am i

i finally got a permanent job offer
actually i went to the interview last june
i didnt blog about it because i dont want to put a very high hopes
takut tak dapat karang merana uols
so diam2 sudah

the result dapat in august
but i didnt get the offer though
i only dapat simpanan
i was so frustrated sebab i really really want the offer pronto!

but my friends keep telling me timing is everything
maybe the offer will come to u later my friends said,
comforting me
just doa banyak2
and i did

in the letter said if i dont get any offer within six months then, thats it
so i waited for every single month for it
u know, pantang posmen singgah
akan excited la ke depan pintu looking for the surat keramat


come december, the hopes getting higher
neiiiii surat tokkk please lah sampeiii i once said
but i got nothing though
pilu. sayu.

until last friday.
i was watching Ted with ida, sai and ezah at the hall
when fatin handed me a registered letter

"surat kitak udak piza. marek sampei mek lupak merik"

i took the letter nangga dari cnei
from putrajaya.

ohhh this is it
this is IT!

i was shaking all over nok mukak surat ya
sik dapat ditarit, bisak ajak la envelope

and yeaaahhhh.
this is the letter ive been waiting since august


i was jumping up and down and i surely looked awful
but i dont care
i called my mum first
and then my boyfie
and then all my bros and sistas
my besties

nothing beat the feeling
everyone is cheering up for me :D

later that nite i went out with my boyfie

i supposedly teman him doing his paperwork
he told me earlier (before the happy news) that he got plenty to be done
but when i got in the car, looked at the backseat, no lappy no files

he said "sayang, today is your happy day, i dont want to do my work. let me just focus on you"
and we had dinner at the tarot cafe

he's too sweet.

i found love and a better job.

i tendered my resign letter yesterday
and now am soooo looking forward for the new year!



n i e z a said...

skali maok nya datang za, beturut-turut. hambek khau! hahaha

Mon MonaLea said...

Tahniah....lapor dirik kat cney?

nadia said...

mun dr surat ya kmk ngga alamat kt kmenterian kesihatan ya..sebelaha jak opis kmk..hehehehe..btw,tahniah fieza


Faizal Ismail said...

Alhamdulillah. Glad to hear all the great stuffs that come in your way. Been following your blog for quite a while (this is so Bridget Jones kinda stuff) and I'm happy for you. Enjoy the moment and praise Him for the wonderful tale of your :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Post apa k fieza? Tahniah!

f.i.e.z.a said...

Kak mon: kmk dpt kementerian kesihatan hq jalan bako. Makseh kak lea :)

Hahaha amek kau kaaann. Rejeki dtg begolek hehe

Kmk dpt rah hq kuching. Makseh nadia :)


Pem tadbir. :)