Monday, December 31, 2018

Officially single.

yesterday was 30th December 2018
tamatlah sudah tempoh edah for me
alhamdulilah everything went well

i moved to my new place, living on my own
i learnt how to drive again, i stand on my own two feet
its not easy to be honest but ive to

usah ditanya apa yang jadi. semua dah ditakdirkan jodoh setakat itu sahaja
we tried to save our marriage but Allah is the best planner
we decided to stay friends no matter what happened

sedih? yes of course i sedih. tipu tak sedih
the first month was the hardest. i cried to sleep most of my nights
i slept alone. i did everything alone.
i was lost the first few days.
i cried while i drove to the office, back home, i cried all the time
but no one knows, they thought i was strong.

we built the marriage together but at the end, we are strangers again
that hurts me to the core, my heart broke to pieces
i never thought that i will face this phase
divorced. being single again. far from home and family

but i have a strong support systems
i have good friends around me. i have family friends thats always there supporting me

masa pindah tu kak irda and fatin were there helping me
including my colleague, munirah
she even slept at my new place, siap memunggah barang dari kotak, susun sampai siap
bangun esoknya sambung lagi kemaskan rumah.
i dont know what would i do if i dont have them

from a three rooms condo to a studio apartment, a new transition for me
alhamdulilah it makes me a stronger person
im paying my bills on my own now 
paying my own rent, things ive never done before
im on my own.

pray for me okay.
im doing good so far alhamdulilah
ive no plan yet nak balik kuching
we'll see how it goes.

happy new year 2019 my readers. may this new year brings more happiness and joy into our lives

Monday, April 9, 2018

Surat Cinta Untuk Hafiza

Kutuliskan kenangan tentang caraku menemukan dirimu
Tentang apa yang membuatku mudah berikan hatiku padamu

Takkan habis sejuta lagu untuk menceritakan cantikmu
Kan teramat panjang puisi tuk menyuratkan cinta ini

Telah habis sudah cinta ini
Tak lagi tersisa untuk dunia
Karena t'lah kuhabiskan sisa cintaku hanya untukmu

Aku pernah berpikir tentang hidupku tanpa ada dirimu
Dapatkan lebih indah dari yang kujalani sampai kini
Aku s'lalu bermimpi tentang indah hari tua bersamamu
Tetap cantik rambut panjangmu meskipun nanti tak hitam lagi

Bila habis sudah waktu ini
Tak lagi berpijak pada dunia
Telah aku habiskan sisa hidupku hanya untukmu

Dan t'lah habis sudah cinta ini
Tak lagi tersisa untuk dunia
Karena t'lah kuhabiskan sisa cintaku hanya untukmu

Bila musim berganti
Sampai waktu terhenti
Walau dunia membenci
Ku kan tetap disini

Bila habis sudah waktu ini
Tak lagi berpijak pada dunia
Telah aku habiskan sisa hidupku hanya untukmu

Telah habis sudah cinta ini
Tak lagi tersisa untuk dunia
Karena t'lah kuhabiskan sisa cintaku hanya untukmu

u guys im in love with this lyrics and this song
i can listen to it everyday!
i love it beyond wordssss
i mean who would have thought someone would care enough to think that they will love us meskipun rambut tak hitam lagi?
yes we grow old but you know that lil thingsss awwhh so sweet really

i love virgoun performance last night at AME2018
eh who doesnt right?
i hope my husband will love me like this lyrics do
even though he never dedicate this song to me but i know he loves me alot
and i love him too so much

oh my why im so lovey dovey today? ❤

Friday, March 9, 2018

Busy mode

oh my i cant cope up with the blog challenge for now
i am sooooo busy you guysss

i will update all the topics i promiseeee during the weekends

now i just wanted to kemas my cubicle because next monday is EKSA day!
and to make it worse, i was appointed as one of the auditor
come onnn how comeee la eh

dah la tempat sendiri tak kemas lagi ada hati nak audit tempat orang hahaha

oklah till then


Monday, March 5, 2018

Something i adore~

 so day 3 topic is something i adore
today should be dah tajuk lain but i will update on that later hahhaa
since dah skipped 2 days due to weekends kan

i adore beautiful beaches
yes, i do.
i love any beach getaway

dulu dok kuching senang la nak pegi pantai
in 20-30 mins dah sampai santubong or pantai damai
dah dok sini pantai sangat lah jaoh and emm not that pretty
nak lawa pun paling dekat kat PD.

so last anniversary in december we went to penang for holiday
this is at batu feringghi beach
so so breathtakingly beautiful
we stayed at Hard Rock Penang so this was the beach view

my happy face :)

so far the prettiest beach i went to is at pulau payar langkawi
i know theres a lot more out there but thats just my view
tak kisah la mana pun yang penting ada pantai 

being at the beach brings me somekind of peacefulness
just looking at the waves, the sound it makes, the clear water aahhhh love it!
oh i really really need another beach getaway, pronto! :P

Friday, March 2, 2018


Day Two: Breakfast

Salam Jumaat everyone
mesti excited nak weekends dah kan?
i nak terbongkang je esok ;P

so topic for day 2 is breakfast.
i didnt take any photo of it this morning thus this googled picture
too it from garam kunyit blog

i had pulut kuning and rendang ayam for breakfast
tell you guys, kat kafe bawah ofc ni kan pilihan menu dia sampai ko pening nak makan apa
just name it semua ada dahla sedap2
siap dah ada menu kerang siap ;P
unlike kat kuching dulu kalau tak mi goreng, nasik goreng tu je lah ada
sendu kan idk why kat kch pilihan menu adalah sikit
maybe only at my former workplace tpt lain i tak tau ye heheh

so kalau jumaat memang menu agak special and this is my favourite ever
kalau lambat sket kompom abis
tapi takleh mkn selalu and portion i amik tadi pun just rasa2 je
takdelah penuh camni kan

oklah jumpa entry esok orait!

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Hello March!

Kejap je dah march. Where were january and february went to?
I decided to join a blog challenge where i have to update in daily basis
so today's tajuk is YOU.

so it will be about me, right?

emmm where do i start ya?
i started blogging since 2008 and i found a lot of new beautiful friends from there
from blogging to FB, IG and such
but sadly i slowly not updating my blog since i guess 2013?
slow2 menghilang sbb nya adalah IG and FB
takde masa plak aku nak update semua channel
i have life too kan gituuuuu katanyaaa
but since my blogger friends semangat nak kembalikan kegemilangan zaman blogging so lets la kan.
rindu jugak zaman bukak pc habiskan sejam baca blog org pastu komen plak pehh sangat rajin masa tu kan
semua benda nak cerita

2008, i was 25 omg mudanyaaa and kalau uols rajin bolehla baca entry zaman dulu2
asyik cerita mencari jodoh jek gayanya
couple putus couple putussss

until 2012 i met my better half and we got married in 2014.
and now dah berhijrah ke cyberjaya since 2015
i cant believe how my life would end up being far from my family and friends
but im happy here living a life with my husband
thats all that matters anyway kan :)

ramai je bloggers lain yang dah berhijrah ke sini
like flo, and amni. nama pun we all dok sini tapi belum pernah lagi nak bekumpol
sebab masing2 dah kawen, ada yg dah ada anak kecik so yeah we will work it out :D

my life now is basically kerja kerja, balik rumah and cooking for husband and fatin
ohhh i tak cerita lagi pasal fatin kan hahhaha she needs a special entry for herself
panjang ceritanya nanti i share k :)

me while waiting for the erl last week
i went back to kuching for four days. sajeeee jee nak balik nak mkn mi kolok :P

so lastly here is my pic with my other half, my support system, the love of my life :)
oh its his birthday month
someone is getting older ;P

till next entry tomorrow k!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

kata-kata kan doa

since i was a kid, i love pools
i love swimming pools to be honest
i still remember when i was at sekolah rendah in miri
depan sekolah tu ada club house
so every club house mestilah ada swimming pool kan
every time lalu mesti i akan nak toleh situ sbb nak tengok kolam

and masa tu my dad plak mmg every week akan bawak me and brothers swimming at nearest public pool
bila pindah kuching rutin tetap sama until i masuk sekolah menengah barulah tak gi swimming dah sbb dok asrama kan

but the love to swimming and the blue pools tak pernah padam
kalau pegi bercuti i akan pastikan resort or hotels tu ada pools
pastu i berangan la kat situ bestnyaaaa kalau rumah ada satu
senang nak berendam nak berenang

my memory on facebook brought me this status i wrote last 2011.
seven years ago! hahahhahaha
i memang teringin rumah ada pool uols hahahaa

and fast forward today.

amekkkk kauuuuu
mun ko sik swimming siap kauuuuu hahhahaha

actually when i first pindah to cyberjaya, my unit was at block A.
jauh sikit la nak jalan kalau nak berenang
ada satu lagi pool round shape kat depan block A tu tapi tak best sangat for me lah

tetiba tahun lepas my hubs said lets find a bigger unit which at block B
and the pool is just downstairs.
i can see it from my unit and the view is just heavenly alhamdulilah
kalau keluar lif terus nampak la pool tu tak sempat berpeluh jalan dah sampai

me and fatin lepas swim last week

so if you have a dream, keep on dreaming
it might comes true before u knew it! :D

iols nok swimming petang tok mun sik ujan lah 
i love swimming because nya sik perlu kasut sik perlu sports bra treksut tshirt nok exercise
just a nice swimsuit and a goggle im good to go!
now im trying to exercise 3 times a week. doakan semoga istiqamah u gaisssss ;P

till next update!

i love akemi

Salam to all my readers.

rasanya lepas ni akan selalu update lah
seronok plak update ni kan
lagipun tahun lepas lama betul tak update

mei ni genap tiga tahun dah berhijrah kerja ke putrajaya
and duduk di cyberjaya
tak rasa kan nanti kejap2 dah 10 tahun berhijrah
bila tanya husband lama lagi ke nak dok sini?
he said rezeki kat sini sayang so i ikut jelah
so far alhamdulilah i love my simple life here

dulu2 masa mula pindah asal jumaat je pegi lalu KLCC
i mean like every single week
now jarang dah tapi sebulan mmg kena pegi KL tu
kalau tak, tak lengkap rasa

kalau my mom call kan cerita pasal tempat best kat kuching kan
i always gurau cakap, "kat mana mak? tak ingat dah jalan kat kuching tu"
wahahahahaha pengsan kalau org lain dengar
ish mana mungkin i lupa kuching tanah tumpah darahku
my dearest hometown
in fact i will be back khamis ni
tazzabaaarrrrr :D

last weekends i pegi tukar cadar
selain corelle and tefal, i hantu cadar akemi
pantangggg nampak sale mula lah gatal nak membeli
masa tu tengah jln ngan fatin kat ioi mall nampaklah akemi sale kat tgh2 court tu
omg i cannottttttt
mula2 nak lalu je, datangggggg balik ok
haih kalau tak beli karang mimpi plak kan

beli la satu hahah lagipun husband tak ikut masa tu
hubs prefer cadar yang plain colour
i have few already and now im bored looking at them
nak bunga2 plak kalau tanya hubs mesti dia kata tak lawa
kali ni i dont care, nak jugak :D

so pretty kannnn
purple peach gitu
now kalau lepas mandi kan tengok katil macam aawwhhh why so pretty??
like its calling me back to sleep lol

till next update k

Thursday, February 15, 2018

episode two Langkawi trip

okay im back with episode two of langkawi getaway

lepas habis shopping dalam jam 3ptg tu we went to fetch bobet at the airport
dari airport terus ke langkawi cable car
walaupun dah pegi dulu tapi nak jugak naik lagi sekali
ikutkan iols yang penakut ni mmg taknak naik dah sbb gayat
tapi all the girls semangat nak naik so naik je laaaa
bukan selalu nak naik cable car ramai2 camni kan

the weather was so kind to us alhamdulilah
the view was so breathtaking
tak kira la brp kali naik pun i will always be amazed with the view

 yours truly yang cuak nak naik cable car ahaha
tapi kena kuatkan semangat ;P

bestfriends forever and ever.
no matter how bad the day is i will always have them to support me
they are kind persons i am so blessed to have them in my life :D

awwhhhhh looking at these pictures i cant wait to be w them again
we are planning another trip this year
ke mana belum decide lagi la tapi hahhaa

oklah dah nak balik dah ni esok cuti long weekends yayyyy!!

to my chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year
from me to you :D

till next update k!

Langkawi with girlfriends 2017

 Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

Its been a while since my last update.
Yeaaahhh it was last August teehehhehehe

is it too late to wish you all Happy New Year??
in fact it will be CNY tomorrow :D
its february already Ya Allah cepatnya masa berlalu kann
nanti kang tetiba dah raya. gituuuu

so since kat opis pun macam lengang ni meh la i update sket.

last year in September i went to a short shopping getaway with my favourite ladies.
went to Langkawi with Juzz, Nieza and Bobet.
sadly Sue couldnt make it. but its okay we proceed with the plan.

i went to lgk from kl alone and will meet them at the airport.
Nieza from Penang and Juzz from Kuching. Bobet came the next day.
oh yes the date was 15th Sept 2017.

sampai je airport dah malam sebab the weather was so bad my flight had to divert to Penang for an hour.
sepatutnya my flight took only 1 hour from kl jadi 4 jam baru landing to LGK.
bayangkan lahhh betapa lamanyaaa i wont forget how horrible the flight was.
so scary sbb nak landing kat airport tak boleh sbb angin sangat kuat.
so terus ke Penang okayyyy tu pun tak boleh keluar kena stay dlm tu.
kalau boleh keluar sumpah i nak amik ETS balik KL. tak sanggup dah masa tu
but Thank God the passenger sebelah i was soo cool siap pinjamkan powerbank cukuplah boleh lepas 50% battery kalau tak, tak taulah camane.

flight from Penang and Kch pun delayed teruk.
kitorang sampai kol 7pm camtu but nieza was worst
she came around 830pm camtu then off terus dinner

dinner was awesome at wan thai tapi takdan nak amik pics dah wehhhh
dah penat and lapa tau nak makan je
sekali nak amik pics semua dah abis hahaha

oh we sewa kereta kat sana. almera and we stayed at G Hotel.
Hotel ni sangat affordable and bersih. kitorang pilih apartment dua bilik.
memang takde pics but you can google. mmg best!

the next day we went to main reason we were there, SHOPPING!!

the last time i went to lgk was during my honeymoon in 2014.
pegi ngan husband lain, pegi ngan girlfriends lain la kan hhahaha
especially when pegi dengan bffs ni best sangat!
sbb kan masing2 dah kawen and semua dudok jaoh2 dah sekarang
jumpa pun dapat kira dlm sethn berapa kali
things are so different compared to what i blog last 10 years
when it was 2008, i have them every single week.
ahhh miss those days when youre just single and free hahahaha

so back to lgk story

saturday 16th september hari malaysia tu pagi2 lepas breakfast terus ke HIG

masa ni nak survey2 dulu harga sbb we have the whole day to shop
so compare punya compare harga dekat rams paling murah
and i love how their staffs keep helping us around
tanya harga itu ini takde pun buat muka
semua senyum elok je
dari taknak beli pun terbeli lol :P

with juzz and nieza. masa ni bobet tak sampai lagi.

pleaseee the price was 50% cheaper for corelle, vision and such
i love corelle even last year i bought few sets of them to use at home
i ingat lagi masa i baru pindah cyberjaya
my mom singgah rumah after nearly a year i pindah rumah tu
and dia bising sbb pinggan i tak cukup siap my hubs kena mkn nasik dlm mangkok besar tu
lepas tu i terus beli corelle yang satu set yg 16 pieces siap sekali dengan cawan minum kopi tu haaaa
puas hati

yg ni dekat rams i beli macam2 uols mmg swipeeeeeee je debit card tu wahahhaa
seronokkkkkk sangat lol
i bought lapik meja for meja makan 6 seaters
cantik kannnnn

siap beli dengan sarung tisu yg sama design macam ni

round 1

masa shopping tak rasa penat uols
tak sedar pun dah tghari
bila tengok jam eh patut la dah lapar rupanya dah kol 1pm hahaa

so singgah mkn dekat area ni jugak
mkn asam pedas. saje taknak jaoh2 sbb nak sambong lagi aktiviti membeli belah ;P

 my bff till jannah ;D

round 2

i bought my third tefal here. tadi dah beli 2 set masa round 1 hihi
semenjak dah kawen ni and dudok sendiri of course i salu masak kan
and periuk yg cantek sangat membantu menguatkan semangat utk masuk ke dapur ahaha
eh betul la kan
kat rumah i dapur jenis electric induction cooker
so tefal dia lain jenis and a bit mahal dari yg biasa
nak buat camane kan mmg dah built in macam tu
but kalau beli kat sini still murah la compare dari biasa
and berat sikit

thanks juzz for advising me sbb rumah dia pun induction cooker
kalau tak i main bedal je beli mana ada and yg murah ;P

and here i bought loose item for my corelle at home
mana yang kurang tu i just tambah cukupkan satu set
eh mmg puas hatilah membeli hihi

so here's my bestfriends at home for now
even my mom loves cooking at my place last wk when she was here hehe
nanti i nak tambah lagi koleksi ;P

till next update ok.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

sunday in KL

on sunday me and hubs turun KL lagi
usually sangat jarang for us nak turun KL two days in a row
cyberjaya to KL is about 30-45mins via mex depending to the traffic
alhamdulilah KL is not that crowded on sunday
kalau saturday haaaa kau sampai jln tun razak dah berejammmm

my MIL nak shopping baju so ajak we all sekali
mesti my MIL missing her son so much
anak sulung katakannnn

then off to lunch at manhattan fish market
amik set makan utk 4 orang

 look at the lobster yawwllssss

sedapnyaaaaaa lah
hahaha part makan memang favourite la kan ;P

with them love :)

MIL ajak pegi semua house dari sogo tu
tapi macam tak larat pulak dah sbb dah penat tawaf kat sogo 
taula sogo kan rasa macam tak pernah tak sale kot

then gi supermarket bawah tu i nak replenish some of my groceries
minyak tepung telur semua dah habis
my MIL pun beli some groceries tu like fruits for makan dlm hotel
bila sampai kaunter she paid for the whole things
oh my maluuuu sangat but rezeki jgn ditolak right? ;P
thanks a lot mak saluuuu belanja hehehe

so today dorang akan check out from frenz hotel and akan dudok di impiana KLCC till friday
jumaat ni i dah siap mintak cuti, nak temankan my MIL kat klcc plak nanti
nak carik waffle maker plak hehee

till then.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

good girl

hye my readers.
how are you peopleee???
i doakan semua readers i sihat2 belaka

last saturday i went to kl to see my parents in law
there are here from bintulu for 10days
actually dorang datang because my FIL ada majlis with petronas
long service award ceremony namanya which will be held in KL convention centre this coming thursday
my FIL has been with petronas for 35 years now so yeah he should be celebrated :D

so sabtu tu me and hubs turun kl nak teman dorang jalan2 area jalan tar
i sukaaaaaaaa my parents in law datang hehee
they really really love me so much you know hahaha
#menantukesayangan :P

sempat snap depan hotel

we went shopping in sogo and jalan tar
penat kemain
takde masa nak snap2 pics dah

and masa kat hotel tu my MIL gave me something
its from your SIL she said

she gave me this!!
for my belated birthday she said
OMG i was speechless when i received this
because ive been eyeing this so long my hubs tak layan dah
penah la try this scent before and the smell is sooooo sooo good
bila tanya harga, i was like emmmmmpphh k #rolledeyes

plus the bottle is so pretty :D

image from google


thanks a LOT my dear SIL
i must have done something right to receive this
i never expected anyone would kindly gave me such expensive gift
im so blessed


till next entry 

love, fieza

Monday, August 7, 2017

pinky pink

since i get married and dudok sendiri i start join club makcik makcik dah
i gilaaaa collecting tupperwares
i got lots of sets already kalau kira tu ntah berapa
taknak kira lah, takut :D

kat ofc ni setiap jumaat akan ada jualan
so seronok lah boleh cuci mata kan tgk barang
and i paling suka booth tupperware
walaupun takde niat nak membeli memang i akan singgah tgk koleksi terbaru

jumaat lepas i singgah saje je tengok tengok
and i saw this set kaler pink so pretty i cannot move on
insulated servers namanya
i memang pernah google pasal ni and i mmg sukaa tp niat nak membeli tu macam lama lagi
sekali bila tgk depan mata adoi kauuu tak boleh nak lepas set tu
dah ada ada dua je i dah takot kalau habis hahahhahaa
memang auntie-auntie betol perangai

so selepas mengira tolak tambah i pejam je mata
eh duit boleh carik
ni kalau habis i menangis kat situ :D

here is my new server set
i guess pink is my new purple

set sekali dengan tiga biji senduk
i love how pretty the dark pink and the light ones
so matching :)

kalau nak pakai kedap panas, this is how you do it:

gitu. hhehehhee

so sabtu tu i bangun awal semangat buat breakfast
tuna pasta for le hubs and teh o panas

matching plak with my set corelle country rose
hahaha tell you i dah masuk geng auntie-auntie dah
pantry i penuh tupperwares, corelles and corningware

kalau pinggan mmg i suka corelle sebab ringan and cantek!

okay sekian sahaja cerita perasmian insulated server kita :)
semoga semakin rajin masak hendaknya hehehe

till then!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Chocolates for belated

i never thought i would still receiving gift even its august already
my birthday still be remembered hahhaha

munirah my colleague yang dok sebelah since 2015 suprised me with this beautiful piece
so prettykan????
plus she made it herself!!
so creative so thoughtful and im so blessed to have her here
munirah ni baik sangat. im so lucky.
at least takde lah terasa sangat kerja jauh dari family kan


Thank you very much munirah
You're such an angel to suprise me this way
Cant wait for your turn next month
i'll make you the happiest birthday girl ever 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

dolly dimsum

lupa nak cerita last saturday i gi mana
every weekends i will be excited sbb nak keluar with hubs
mesti turun KL punya
kali ni i gi klcc sbb i need to do some shopping at Marks & Spencer

before shopping tu singgah lunch dulu
since ramai je update makan kat dolly dimsum ni i teringinnnnn nak try
asyik tengok gambar kat IG je kan sapaaa tak geram :P

mula2 sampai tu kemain panjang Q but i didnt care
nak makan situ jugak
thank God the waiting time wasnt that long
dlm 15mins camtu dah dapat table :)

i suka window panel ni
dolly dimsum yang i pegi ni kat Avenue K. Senang je nak carik kat G Floor je

 boleh nampak hotel baru kat sebelah. Le Apple namanya

wearing my new oops duck for the first time. oh sukaaa sangat! :)

le hubs

we ordered quite a lot really hahaha semua benda nak try
siap waiter tu kata banyak sangat order ni takut tak abis
so kita kurangkan jumlah dimsums
actually we both kalau tak abis makan boleh je tapau kan

 this one wajib order. salted eggs pau and siew mai

 yang ni i lupa nama tapi sedap jugak

antara yang di order. prawns dumpling pun dapppppp angat!
pau blackpepper ni pun yumss
not in the pics was chinese fried rice
nampak cam sikit but kenyanggggg alhamdulilah

dimsums dia datang sikit2 tau takde lah kalau order 8, 8 terus sampai
so you have time to enjoy and feeling2 makan gitu

we ended the yummy lunch with this desserts
i forgot the names though

overall i rate my lunch session 8/10.
thanks hubs melayan keinginan isteri tersayangnya ini :)

then lepas lunch off to klcc shopping a bit
lepas tu singgah isetan punya bakery nak tapau roti
idk why kalau gi klcc wajib singgah sini

but tbh lavender punya croissants lagi sedap kot
yang ni okay okay je

this weekends we dont have plan yet nak ke mana
kadang beriya plan last2 tebongkang jugak depan tv.
oh ya nak survey beli katil lagi satu for guest room
my parents in law nak datang next week so yeah. kenalah ready ye tak?

till next entry k

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

popia daging cheese

 if you follow my fb or IG you probably knew how my sunday was

got extra rajin that day i made popia daging cheese for teatime :D
actually nak abiskan kulit popia tu
i have two in my freezer terbeli extra plak
so i dont want to waste anything, i buatlah kan
alah senang je ponnnnn hihi


bawang besar sebijik-potong dadu
daging cincang ramly 400gram
setin cream mushroom campbell
mixed vege dalam 3 genggam
cheese one slice
setengah kiub ayam
salt and blackpepper to taste

tumis bawang sampai naik bau
then masukkan daging cincang
tumis sampai kering sikit airnya
then masukkan cream mushroom
gaul rata lepas tu masukkan mixed vege, cheese, kiub ayam and perasa
dah masak, tutup api and biarkan sejuk kejap

lepas tu boleh la gulung popia :D

can get about 32 pieces of popia

i goreng sikit je then buat frozen stock simpan dlm freezer
rasa nak makan nanti boleh goreng je
emmmpphhh dap sangat!
terasa cheese nya :)

next time nak buat lagi lah kali ni nak letak kentang yang dah dipotong dadu
for me popia ni sedap kalau isinya meriah
and buat sendiri lagiiii puas ati makan
this is my hubs favourite tauuu hehe kena selalu buat :D

till next entry!