Monday, July 15, 2019

7 July 2019

7 July 2019,
im turning 36 years old, single, happy and content
so far my life is tenang walaupun tiada cinta but i know i loved by many
my notifications was flooded with bday wishes, im so touched hehe
thanks for all the wishes.
semoga apa yg didoakan kepada i, akan dimakbulkan. amin :)

on my birthday, my bestfriend; castro asked me out for movie and dinner
we went to GSC, IOI City Mall for toys story 4 using my free tickets (redeem bday)

abis wayang dah 10pm, IOI pun dah tutup so castro ajak pegi KL instead
iols dengar word KL pun dah teruja because i got the chance to see KLCC!
thats my fav building of all time !!
kalau uols dah happykan i, bawak je pegi klcc, i will be very very happy haha

the weather that night was so nice so calm but a bit panasss
sampai tu pun dah lambat so cepat2 la order sbb i pun dah lapaaa gile dah time

i ordered lamb chop (my fav!) and castro with beef cheesy fries ke apa nama tah
lepas tu still lapar order lagi korean chicken
sedap gilaaaa

this is our desserts, churros with choc dip
sedap jugak tapi masa ni dah kenyang gila so weols makan dlm keta otw back tu

thanks castro for making time for me
ure indeed a very bestfriend of mine and im really lucky to have u
gambar bday girl takde k hahaha

oklah till then!

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