Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016! ;P

omg its march already and i havent post anything yet here
in fact i just updated my fb, IG and twitter
sorry readers (do i still have any?) -.-

life has been good so far
still here breathing, much alive and healthy :D

pejam celik dah nak dekat setahun jaoh dari keluarga
tapi selalu jugak la balik

well apa lagi nak cita eh

march is my husband bday month
so still thinking of things im gonna get him later
oppss he reads my blog


staying in cyberjaya has been good and wonderful so far
i love the surroundings, the people the buildings
my condo is near the lake which is a pretty sights to look at
and ada shopping mall which is important :P

there we got d pulze and shaftsbury square
ada lah juak tempat k raon lepas pulang keja

i should post some pictures here right?
lamaaa dah tak aktif blogging ni
rindu plak

oklah nak gi lunch jap

take care! :*