Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Anugerah Juara Lagu 33

 hi yawlsss

here i am again updating from my cubicle.
actually i balik lambat sket today sbb at 6pm i ada kelas.
nanti la i cerita pasal kelas tu k hhehe

nak cerita pasal i pegi Anugerah Juara Lagu earlier this month
it was awesomeeeee!!
the venue was at Axiata Bukit Jalil
we were there before 6pm camtulah
terus kena q okay and it was super crazy long!!

me and azren. boleh plak sama kaler hehe

tengah busy q tu i saw this one gentleman so familiar to me because i followed him on IG
he is the famous emcee ive ever known and he's sarawakian as well
i was so excited seeing him tbh hahahaha
while my friends were like "sapeeeeee???"


here's the picture of me and him
mr hardy :)
i love how professional he is in his job
kalau u kenal u tau la sape his clients okay
i even DM him telling kalau ada jodoh lagi i nak dia jadi emcee i kawen hehehe
berangan! ntah berapa la starting price dia kan? hahhaa

dalam kol 830pm we slowly got inside!
and tell u guys gilaaaaaaaaa eksaited bahhhh mok masok axiata!
this is my first experience to watch AJL live!

just look at us! hahaha

i tak banyak amik pics masa dorang nyanyi sbb i wanted to enjoy the moment
tapi sempat je amik ig sto banyak2 hahaha
i love sufian suhaimi punya persembahan
gilaaaa best!
and i shed tears a bit tacingggggg sangat wehhhhh

siap pelamin atas stage ko haderrrr???

this one is khai bahar.
ensem angat hehehe

we stayed till the end eh of course la kan takkan nak balik terus ye dak?

i was rooting for misha, dayang&hael
kalau dorang menang i dah puas hati sangat

when the winner was announced i was soooo happy!
berbaloi i q panjang and lama gila tgk dayang menang ok!
i hilang suara kejap hahahaha

lepas je announce winner Juara Lagu i saw ismail izzani right in front me
terus nak selfie :D

and this pretty girl too :)
wany hasrita

here's the pic of them, the winner!
so proud of them, really! :D

i was trying to have a selfie with the hosts; aliff and sherry but they were busy
sempat tgk depan2 je tu pun dah cukup happy

saw many famous artists that night i was estatic!
star struck ntah brp kali tah hahaha
it was fun!!!
worth every minute i tunggu k hhehee

thats my short story of that day
i will remember this historical day for the rest of my life :D

till next update okay :)

take care