Monday, December 31, 2018

Officially single.

yesterday was 30th December 2018
tamatlah sudah tempoh edah for me
alhamdulilah everything went well

i moved to my new place, living on my own
i learnt how to drive again, i stand on my own two feet
its not easy to be honest but ive to

usah ditanya apa yang jadi. semua dah ditakdirkan jodoh setakat itu sahaja
we tried to save our marriage but Allah is the best planner
we decided to stay friends no matter what happened

sedih? yes of course i sedih. tipu tak sedih
the first month was the hardest. i cried to sleep most of my nights
i slept alone. i did everything alone.
i was lost the first few days.
i cried while i drove to the office, back home, i cried all the time
but no one knows, they thought i was strong.

we built the marriage together but at the end, we are strangers again
that hurts me to the core, my heart broke to pieces
i never thought that i will face this phase
divorced. being single again. far from home and family

but i have a strong support systems
i have good friends around me. i have family friends thats always there supporting me

masa pindah tu kak irda and fatin were there helping me
including my colleague, munirah
she even slept at my new place, siap memunggah barang dari kotak, susun sampai siap
bangun esoknya sambung lagi kemaskan rumah.
i dont know what would i do if i dont have them

from a three rooms condo to a studio apartment, a new transition for me
alhamdulilah it makes me a stronger person
im paying my bills on my own now 
paying my own rent, things ive never done before
im on my own.

pray for me okay.
im doing good so far alhamdulilah
ive no plan yet nak balik kuching
we'll see how it goes.

happy new year 2019 my readers. may this new year brings more happiness and joy into our lives


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Kakmim said...

Fiza!!!!! Kmk br baca blog ktk... #staystrong sis
Speechless kmk aieeeeee