Friday, January 4, 2013

happy news on 2nd jan

ini cerita pada 2nd january
ada cerita best sket nak share :)

i went out with my sis, ida to update my asb
lama jugak la bertenggek kat bank sbb nak update kan
tapi takde hal la sebab nak tgk brp dividen dan bonus tahun ni
lumayan ke tak?

lepas balik dari bank tu i sampai rumah
tukar baju and just lazing on my bed
tetiba fatin panggil cakap i dapat surat

wahh surat rasmi ni

sebab i tengah tunggu surat penempatan
kan i dapat keja baru that day kan
tapi tak tau bila and kat mana kena report duty

so i bukak surat hoh nabes tuuuu
and i saw the address

i will be reporting my duty at the HQ
here in kuching!
next monday, 7th january

syukur Ya Allah

i terus la call all my fam members, my chenta, my besties
whatsapping here and there telling the happy news
happy ok

and malam tu i went out for dinner with my chenta
i wanted to celebrate and i want somewhere special
wahhh demand kau!

he brought me to fullhouse, the hills
i always love this place
for their yummy dishes
and the ambience
sangat-sangat special rasanya that nite :')

my beef carbonara

the desserts

im so happy sebab now i have someone to share my happiness with
am not sharing just the happy one
kalau yg sedeh2 pun i cita kat dia
semua2 lah i cita
he's like my bestfriend cos he listens to all

when we done with the dinner, we were approached by a chinese guy
wearing suit some more
i thought this maybe a manager nak tanya makan sedap ke tak
nak buat rating ke kan

sekali kauuu, dia intro kan diri dia
and said he's the magician
the official one for fullhouse restaurant
we were like "woowww this is interesting!"

and he showed us few magic tricks and it was awesome
i shouldve taken more pics but we were concentrating on his show
gila best!

haluuu. amek keja di kuching jak

so tomorrow (friday) is my last day at my current workplace
it is not easy to leave a place where ive spent my five entire years with
five years ok!
ive grown up with the company
i learnt a lot
ive endure the pain and enjoy the happy times as well

i will leave my closest friends behind
my awesome superior as well
but this is life
life must go on, right?

im welcoming this new adventure positively
it will be a new experience for me im sure
but i will learn and try my best to be a better person

and later tomorrow night, the department has organize a farewell dinner for me
i am touched!
gonna update more soon on that ok



Tia said...

Congrats dik Feeza.... !!! All the best with your new job!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

Tengkiyuuu kak tia :D