Monday, April 21, 2008


hye all..

last sat nite, me and my goodfriends beramai2 get together at the coffee bean.actually we gathered because of one of my very good friend, awg mu had a meeting in kch[he's currently working w sesco limbang].after i got back from work at 930pm, i headed home n nieza picked me up.

actually all of them are my schoomates back then in sm sains kuching and we r friends till now.we're soo bz w our own priorities and we hardly see each other so for me, i'll be seeing nieza mostly everyday now cos she's my colleagues.bobet n juzz usually i see them on weekends.the guys, susah la mau we still keep in touch and make sure the friendship is still's like a family bonding, u see.after 8 yrs leaving the school, still we make sure the friendship goes strongly.

so let me intro to u my dearest friends..

l-r: awg mu[sesco, limbang], aieffie[naim cendera, kch]
and juzz[currently in her final yr in uitm taking bachelor of finance]

l-r: chubby me, hathsey[kch specialist], nieza[tm] and bobet@zakinah[gap pdms]

comel2 kan my friends?hehhe.we have our own jobs now and we're really thankful for that.because awg mu' jarang2 got the chance to balik kch, so he generously chia me n frens.i m sooooo love kena cia u know.hehhe. i spoiled myself w pure choc ice blended n a piece of oreo cheese cake.yuuummmyy!

here's what we had that nite..thanx awg mu'. i wish u cepat2 naik pgkat jd senior engineer. ;)

later, we talk n talk till sleepy i tell u.i headed home b4 1 am.oooo what a nite.before i end up my entry i wld like to show u my pic w hathsey.hehhe.posing-agak-manja so called. ;)

i wish my friends all the best and i do hope to gather2 again next all of u!but what i cant wait for is the bday bash for juzz n bobet in may.cant wait!


hugs ^^

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