Thursday, August 9, 2012


my offday today and tomorrow

been a week since my last post
well its because im lazy
dats it
plus i was waiting for a result
a very important one

lets just spill the beans about it

last june i went for an interview for a new job
in a goverment sector
its not like i dont like my current job but i guess i need a new environment
so i prepared my best , i read about lots of stuffs
mmg bersedia betul2 la

and the day came
went into the room, met the interviewers
and all went just well
not even a question i couldnt answer
and i really hope i got the job

been waiting for nearly two months and i received the result last tuesday
my besties juzz and nieza were checking it for me online
i dont have the guts to do so
takut weh!

and so, i didnt get the job
just yet.
why i said so?
because i got selected as a calon simpanan for a year
till next august 2013 if i dont get any call or any letters then that was it
but for now, what i can do is just pray and do lots of dua

insyaAllah if thats my rezeki, i will get it sooner or later
Allah is the best planner
and bak kata nieza yg pernah jd calon simpanan "timing is everything'
so be patience ok fieza

for now, just continue working and giving my best to the company
keja kena ikhlas kan?

so till then
jap lagi nieza will fetch me up for a quick shopping
raya tak lama lagi weh!



murni adam said...

ada rami kawan kmk yang calon simpanan tp lepas ya kenak tunggah masuk kerja..Insya Allah..ada rezeki ada..

Ida BorneoLove said...

InsyaAllah... Will be rewarded mun kita sik putus asa. Keep trying ;)