Monday, November 10, 2008

birthday dinner at the junk

how was ur weekends?
mine was a blast!

last nite me n my goodfriends gathered at the junk for a birthday dinner.
occasionally to celebrate hathsey's and aieffie's 25th birthday..
i made a reservation for 10 of us since i bet there wont be a seat if i didnt reserve earlier..

the junk is our favourite place to have western cuisines..
confirm sedaaaapp!
a bit pricey la but then sekali sekala kan no hal nak splurge sometimes..

since i didnt bring my own cam, so just enjoy some pics dat i bluetoothed last nite from my frens..

nieza, bobet, hat-c and me


told u dat there was 10 of us kan but where's the pic?
well, just enjoy what we had last nite for dinner first..

mine; fettucinni carbonara.
my favvy.sangat2 sedaaap!

nieza's; salmon steak..
im not a fish person but i enjoyed this one.

juzz's all time fav dish; lamb shank.
nyaman tahap dewaaaaa!!

i wasnt able to snap at everyone's dish sbb x sempat..
ckupla 3 ni jek.kang ade yg meleleh air liur..hehe
what i can is the food was marvelous+fabulous+heavenly delicious!!

so here's the pics of us...

on left; me, wandy, nieza bobet n hat-c
on left; castro, juzz, aieffie, jijie n awg mu..

same peope, different angle.hehe

and the bill...
okla kan.xde mahal bebenor..just nice.

i had fun last nite.really..
w great friends around n good food, what else should i asked for?
im blessed w all these and i hope we'll do this more often, guys!

looking forward for another exquisite dinner..
awg mu will turn 26 nxt january so any plan, my friends???
hhmmmmm... ;P

sampai umah dalam kol 1030, mndi n yming terus tdo..
bila dah mkn sedaaaap cepat jek lelap kan?hehhe..

have a nice monday u all!!

p/s: i have a lunch date later at 2pm so i need to go now.
with whom?well, i'll update about it soon.
nxt entry puhhhleeaaseeee..

*wink wink*


Audio said...

Yobihh lamak sik makan Salmon steak rah The Junk nun. Anyway, 300++ for that kind of pax memang berbaloi n murah :)

f.i.e.z.a said...


yalah tek x mahal nei.arum 30 jak sorang..

Mdm.Nyza said...

kol 2pm dah jam ya ehh.. g gik lunch date nun... hehehe... sok mek masuk aher mek check up mcm biasa... selamat ber-lunch date..

JUZZ said...

suk muka ko ya dudok sebelah wandy. ;p

f.i.e.z.a said...


aok la kmk berlunch date marek. ;P

f.i.e.z.a said...


bagus olah ko ooo.mala ngepak ku ajak.maka x la ada papa.hew hew...