Monday, May 31, 2010

This is the day

Last thurs, me n geng bwk juzz d bride to be for a dinner n supper together.
Dinner at basaga house and supper at the bing
Sungguh hepi tgk dia finally getting married to aieffie, her mr wonderful :)
We had a blast dat nite
Sbb last spend time as a Miss

N today its finally akad nikah day for her
N now I'm at majlis islam w some friends
I can't wait to witness the ceremony
Camkan ai plak yg kawen
Nebes ok
Juzz pun call pg tadi
Gila rasa nak pengsan dia ckp hhee

Ok doky.
Juzz n ap dah sampai time akad nikah ni :)
Later I'll update photos k dearies

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1 comment:

::SuePrettyInPink:: said...

ktk berias lmk alu terlepas ngga nya duak akad nikah.