Wednesday, July 23, 2008


for my last bday i got two pressies from my dearest girlfrens and buddies.

i got this red vincci handbag.chantek.i chose it myself tau.they told me d budget and let me choose anything dat i wanted.hhehe.sangat sukaaaaa.
mula2 cam nak sandals tp cam byk la plak sandals.heels, emm x minat.
so last2 pilih handbag. 
thank to nieza, bobet, jus and zilah.
love u all! ;)

this is from ap n jijie.thanx!

even its only two presents frm my frens but i m sooo damn happy.
bday present frm mak belum claim lagi nih.
emmm, thinking of a new perfume.
boleh dapat sik oo? ;)


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