Thursday, July 31, 2008

need help.


a normal thursday but i had fun..
me, nyza, cella n kak sue finally went to secret recipe for lunch..
we wanted to go last tues but the salary yilek yet.hhehe
for me, its a secret recipe's in a row cos last nite pun mkn kat SR.
i had my usual chicken mushroom n rice.setaaappp gilos.
this is my 1st time trying SR in satok.
the taste, the ambience is always the same..
went home at 630pm, im sooo exhausted.
balik terus terbongkang depan tv..huhu..

actually kan, i wanted to do some changes to my blog..
i wanna change the templates, wanna add in the chatbox,a song but i have no idea how to..
n i need a serious help here..
to be honest, im a buta IT person n im not kidding ok..
so, to those yg pndai in these area, please help me!!!




.designerdaria. said...

ok hunny, mun mok, bila mek ada di ym bersama anda, buzz mek k. lak mek ajar nok chatbox ya, n tuka template ya. senang jak, sama cam main frenster koh. muahs

f.i.e.z.a said...


thanx aa.kmk encarik tak d ym mlm td.mesti tak gik gago..
fyi, mek ada d ym kol 10pm above..
ktk yg baru pun dah kacak blog.eiseh.. ;)