Saturday, July 26, 2008

love from afar...

long distance relationship.
well, do u have any experience w it, currently having it or are u going to have any?
for me, im soooo tired of it n trying my best to avoid to any commitment from distance.
im talking from my past experiences n to my horror, i had 3 before.huhu
1st is a guy frm sibu, 2nd is penang and 3rd is kl.
why why and why?
tell u d truth, i have no idea how i can jump into d rship.
1st is of course thru online n aft few meetings then terus declare.
communication is only thru hp and yming..
lame huhu.yes it is..
my previous rship is a guy from kl.
it didn't last long due to d distance n some cliche excuses.
but my on my side la, if i dah sayang org, the distance wont be an excuse.
terpulang pd hati lagi la.
org nak ke xnak..
so since dah 3kali failed, i want to make an announcement.
i will never ever make myself jump into such r'ship anymore.unless he's very into me sangat2, sanggup dtg kch sebulan sekali and last2 sanggup pindah kch.ado ke?[in my dreams la!]
tell u, it sucks!

the reasons are:-

  1. the phone bills are hiking up like a rocket
  2. jom, movies! -a big NO NO
  3. pompuan salu tingin nak bake a cake n hanta kat si dia terchenta is it?mimpila! p la anta thru poslaju kalo sempat.
  4. cannot enjoy the sunset together.
  5. jmpa boleh but very costly.tiket airasia, shopping2, mkn2 etc..
  6. sms never xda keja lain.haih!
  7. insecure.salu imejin org tu akan jmpe org lain yg lebih dekat n leave.well, it happened to me! 
  8. NO manja2! dlm handphone sahaja.bohhsaann
  9. need a lot and a lot of kesabaran, kesetiaan, kejujuran..dlm mana2 rship mmg ini wajib tp kalo jaohkan, mesti double up la semua ni.
  10. no breakfast2 together.
  11. salu gado n susah nak pujuk.mane feel pujok jaoh2 seh..
  12. u can never leave a love note in his car.
  13. missing ur loved ones till it hurts! cannot date ma..need to wait few months more due to budget, cuti n bla bla.adoi.this is mentally torturing, i honestly tell u.. =(
aiesey, bykkan downsidenya?
this will lead to emmm  scandals?[me, never ok!] sbb dah jaoh kan.apalagi..

im not dat choosy u see.but i learnt a lot from my pasts and i dont deserve any heartbroken anymore.i've had enuff of it..

to my ex,
i won't blame u.we both wanted d rship and at last it didn't ended the way i desired but im ok with it.Allah has a better choice for me and i hope he won't be dat far ;)

serik?yes.sangat sangat serik. huhu..

well, what say you?


Anonymous said...

no need to tauk ya jodoh ktk...yg tebaik dtg utk ktk...tapi ktk nolak..yah..sapa rugi...

f.i.e.z.a said...

sapa jodoh kmk?i have no idea what r u talking about now.huhu..

Tanrapijan82 said...

memang ktk sik akan tauk sapa jodoh ktk...

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

i've not been in a long distance relationship for quite some time now that i dont know if i am ever going to get used to not being close to him ..i guess, ld doesnt quite work for me anymore..hmm

f.i.e.z.a said...


ktk duak nang dekat ya la susah mok berjauhan camnei la mok further study ya?sure rinduuuuuuuuuuu..
long distance x salah.yg penting hati.. ;)

Anonymous said...

kmk nang x tahan la distance r/ship zaa.. Alhamdulillah, jodoh, hubby mek org dekat jak. jiran wa kmk juak.. hehehe.. tabahkan hati, ada hikmah d sebalik ya. berdoa byk2. jgn sedih2. past is past. kwn byk bah. ktk enjoy dolok. hehehe.. kmk as kwn akan sentiasa mendoakn ktk bertemu jodoh cpt2, & mudahan swakian. org kch juak, dekat2... ne tauk, amin......

f.i.e.z.a said...


thanx for the encouraging words.well, to be honest mmg mek carik org kch..i've never been wif any hunk from kch yet.hahha.cayak x?gilos kan..
insyaAllah x lamak gik jmpa..kasih sayang dlm jiwa tok x sabar2 mok dikongsi pd seseorg.eiseh..