Tuesday, July 15, 2008

last weekends updated

till now, i cant browsing frm home.
streamyx still upgrading their services.
entah la sampai bila.
kinda fed up waiting since last thurs.
and to make it more frustrated, i have a LOTS OF STORIES to share!
so now, it's 6pm and its tym for me to go home.
but since no online at home so im blogging frm my work place after work.
its ok kan, np.
let me update.

pegi rainforest world music festival on saturday.
w nieza, lynn n anne.
sangat2 happening.
puas mencuci mata cos there's aa LOT of hot, handsome guys there.some are half naked i tell u.hahha.
and at the concert i saw this cute chinese guy wearing red t shirt standing beside me while we enjoyed the poland's music group.
ohh he's so damn hunk+stunning.
when d music got louder, everybody started to dance n suddenly......

"come join me", he said.

he held my hand n we dance together.
oooo maaayyyy ggaaawwwdddd..
then we dance, yaaa just dance w some other mat saleh enjoying d music.
lynn lagila best, tiba2 ditarik mat saleh sambil dancing dlm circle.
eh, i joined them too.i had sooo much fun.
fyi, i still can feel d aura till now.
u know who's aura dat is, arent u? ;)
then i lost him cos there's thousands of ppl there.
its ok.i enjoyed dat nite.sangat2.
lepas habis, we all try la nak tggu shuttle but the q is soo damn long.
so we decided just to walk to the santubong resort where i parked my car.
cultural village to santubong resort= 2km walk.
yes, i lost some pounds too dat nite.hahha.
arrived home at 2am, took shower n zzzzzzz.
i'll upload the pics later k.


had dinner w nieza, juzz, zilah,bobet, ap, jijie n aidil at the pizza junction.
but b4 dat, we went to d spring cos my girls wanna buy me a bday present.
so, i chose a vincci handbag which is red, cute n very eye catching.
i love it girls!thanx a lot.
nieza chose a toga sexy mng piece for her bday..
n then we went for a bowling at d bdc.
i got 3rd place.huhu.x terer pon.
then bila sampai kat pzza junction, i saw ap n jijie holding a face shop's paper bag.
well, i guess they have something for me too..
which is sooo suprisingly true. ;)
and i really confirmed its a lotion..
but, i got a perfume instead~
owwhhh, im sooo loving it.
i wish i can put pic to show u all.
huhu.later la k..
the best weekends.


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

the red guy shirt?

hehehe, lom celen handsome hunk coffee bean ya nakkkkk..ya nang umpama time stops for a while, nangga sang teruna lalu in slow mo..dem! nang habisan hensem semua orang malam ya oooo... bait jak palak mek tok udah di cop merah 'jordan', mun sik kahhhhhhhh...harus!! kussss semangat, ptui ptui..simpang malaikat..ada kantoi 'baby, it's not like that' Gotcha!

f.i.e.z.a said...

gotcha!nang lucu.
masih itok kenak x bgambar ngan that red guy shirt.huhu..
tp nang mena la.dat hunk kat cofee bean ya dah la handsome bangat dgn manis2 sekali lynn oo..oh oh..i really wanted to rewind back d time.eiseh.. ;)
rmwf 2009.haruuussss pegi w 2 piece and hot pants.hhahaha.