Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my 25th bday...

7th july..
i m really excited whenever my b'day comes..
who doesn't isn't it?
well, today is a happy day..
sangat2 happy+mengujakan[sgt poyo ini perkataan]
pg2 lagi smses masok x henti2 frm my beloved brothers, sis in laws and friends..
then, dgn semangat nk g keja ni..pakai serba purple n make up lawa2..hehhe
masok jek ofc terus my colleagues nyanyi that bday song.
im touched.really.i feel dat im sooo loved by everybody. ;)
then i went to d coffee bean after work to meet my besties; juzz, nieza n zilah.
had some cakes and drinks.snap here n there.[im soo good in this. hhehe]
thank u, u all!
very2 much!

i wish for a long better life, a promotion, more n more bonuses, a healthy me(slimmer version of course ;) ), endless love n care frm my fnf, rezeki yg melimpah ruah, kasih sayang and rahmat dari NYA and hopefully i'll meet my Mr Right very sooon.amin..

i'll upload the pics later k darling.lotsa piccas!
i need my sleep now..

muah muah!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

buffday ktk kat ari marek???
waahhhhh!!! Hapie buffday bebeh!!!


duhal ktk tua setaun jak dr kmk
mek ingat kta sama umo tek koh..haha

may all ur wishes come true :)

suhana said...

hepy birthday....!!!!!
nait sethn dh umur eh...hehe...

f.i.e.z.a said...

thanx a lot darlings..
pics will be uploaded sooon.very soon.