Friday, July 11, 2008


last nite when i got home nearly 10pm, i straight away went to my room to be online,blogging of course.
trying to browse using safari but hey, what happen?i cant browse any websites and cant be yming as well.
i called the streamyx technical team n they said there is an upgrading of service in kuching area.
meaning: no streamyx tonite till 12th.
cannot be online meh.
so, i took a shower n watching tv till late instead.

now im updating frm my beloved ofc.hehhe.
my shift started at 12 noon n i drove to d ofc at 1030am.
semangat nak blogging wei.hahha.
so now its friday.i loike.
my weekends are fully booked.
rainforests tomorrow, bday party(belated) on sunday.
emmm..what a life.
well, have a great weekends people.


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