Saturday, July 26, 2008

first love

i bet each n everyone of yous still remember who's your first love right?
i dont know what exactly am i thinking when i suddenly took out my old diary.
my diary of 7 yrs back.2001 to be exact.

i was 17 when i first met him.
yes, my first love.
he's my classmate in kypm bangi n we started as friends.
then we started hanging out, dating and the chemistry between us are so strong..
i know i know, its my past but since i have just read my diary just now, suddenly all d memories came back to me..
and i cant even help my eyes to water..
i remember strongly on how we declared to be a couple.
it was on a very sunny day, july 4th..
and those times..
i remember when he waited for me to finish my IT class at nite, he was there to temankan me mkn even its already 930pm..
i remember those times when he used to pick me up aft i finished classes..
and he's the one who waited till 3am in klia until i catch up my flight back to kch at 5am.
and i still remember those times when we went to seremban to celebrate my 18th bday..
sweet memories will never fade..
u guys may simply put it this way 'alaaaa dah lepas buat ape nak pk balik'
but for me, since he's my 1st, its hard for me to forget.
and i will never forget.never.
and i still remember how he took care of me when i got a very bad fever..
he's always there...without fails..without any excuses..
his love notes,cards and pressies are still with me to keep.
even the empty bottle of elizabeth arden's perfume dat he gave me for my 20th bday, i dont have the guts to throw it away..
we were an item for 2yrs something but it didn't last..
it's a breakdown period for me dat tym for losing him..
'soledad' by westlife is my daily song dat time.
and i cried my heart out almost every nites..

now, it's nearly 5 yrs since our last talk.
and the last time i saw him was on our convocation day in aug 2004..
u do the maths..
since then i never talk to him anymore..not even an sms.
he may hated me so much which i dont have any idea why so.
but he may not know dat he'll be forever in my heart..

to u mr wdj,
after 7 years i have no idea of how to forget u.
i dont even have a clue.
i might be stupid of writing this but i cant help it..
i wish u all the best in relationship n job wise..
i have no intention or whatever to hate u cos i never did..
god bless!

my first love is still the sweetest thing to be remembered..
how about yous out there?

+ my entries mostly about love dat i had before n forgive me if they bore u to death..
it's my blog anyway.
why bother?

*without my pasts, i won't be as stronger as i am today. =)


JUZZ said...

very pathetic mun dikenang balit,tp pengalaman mendewasakan mena sik..gikpun ko dah ada THE SCIENTIST bah.hehe

f.i.e.z.a said...


yes, it is very pathetic to remember those times but still very meaningful.. ;)

the scientist?i dont know yet la.ehem.. *shy shy*