Tuesday, July 5, 2011


this is my current fav song
i can listen to this all nite long! :)
nothing to do w me anyway
i just love everything about it

btw, i have another day before i claim myself as 28th years OLD!
still in twenties maaaa no worries! :P
still got 2years more find the one aiseehh
saje nak senangkan hati sendiri kan

eh betol la

apart of my bday yg i anxiously waiting, i excited pasal rainforests music festival this coming weekends
kak zue, my blogger friend will fly all the way from KL to be there!
cant wait to see kak zue again
plus she will bring my perfumes yg i ordered when she went to singapore last month
and she bought me a dorothy perkins's jeans too!
seriously i cant wait!

wah macam2 la kan nak tggu ni
just hope everything will go smoothly!

and yup pasal juzz jugak
she's now waiting to deliver her 1st baby
hopefully this khamis la juzz ooo
so dat sama la ngan tuan blog ni :)
last saturday she was admitted to kuching specialist's hosp
igt kan nak beranak dah, rupanya it was just a false alarm

sokay.tunggu khamis k baby juzz
insyaAllah :)

k lah nak tido dah
nanite! :)

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