Friday, January 22, 2010

win win win! :)

last 2 weeks if im not mistaken i bloghopped frm one blog to another
and ive read wani's blog n she has a contest for her readers.
she actually just got back frm perth n has some FMs to offer..
as a fridge magnet collectors im sooo excited to enter d contest..
lagipun senang jek just anta komen comel2 n insyaAllah blh menang..

so i try la anta satu komen n here it goes..

hye wani..

ada contest eh?tp i x reti nak komen comel2..belasah jek ikut suka boleh?hehe..
im a fm collector n its great if i can get it for free plus its frm u, my fav blogger! kompom i'll put fm tu kat my cluster ofc cos i spend most of my tym there.

hope i can win this.pls pls pls. :)"

and today i click on her blog, she finally announced d winners n tell u people, i WON!!!
i m one of the 5 lucky winners...oh im soooo happy!!
ada 61 comments over all and im the chosen one!
yay yippei yay yay!
now im at the ofc masa lunch pun sanggup x g mkn sbb nak update dlu jap.
hehe excited punya pasal..

to wani dearie,

thanx for choosing me n keep on blogging!
u rock!



Felicia F. Ramzi said...

kmk suka kontes yang sik perlu ngkah nak sticky2 mode ya..angol..banyak keja..nar sik?

f.i.e.z.a said...

aok mena ya..
tok senang jak lynn mek just anta komen.alu menang.heheh..