Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bing's latest menu

morning people..

thanx to the petua2 dat i received yesterday..
sgt prihatin kwn2 bloggers.
terima kasih daun keladi ya u alll.
im feeling better now! :)

so nak cita pasal last rabu ke khamis i went to dinner w nieza.
a very late dinner since its already 10pm..
she fetched me up after she finished work at 930..

we went to bing at padungan area.
i tetiba craving w their famous ice blended.
lagi sedap dari coffee bean i tell u..
*owh i just remember, it was on xmas eve :)

xmas2 ni i suka the feeling.
u know looking at the xmas trees n all.
wpun x celebrate this festival but its not a sin to enjoy the beautiful sceneries kan..
me n nieza siap imejin how pretty it is if we can be at the rockefeller center, NY.

love d deco

frm left: my caramel mocha ice blended and nieza's choc ice blended

yes itu

my beef bolognese spagetti

the spagetti is their latest added menu..
how was it s fieza zaza?
owh it was out of the world kesedapannya.
plus the portion is very huge...
siap share w nieza lagik.
to felicia ahmoi chantek, kelak dtg kch harus kita bergosip sambil makan2 ctok eh.
ngan khay n anne n nieza mesti best!
tiba2 rindu ngan tak org..

after 10% discounts..
they got disc for digi users :)

some of my frens salu ckp my blog kompom ada pics makanan.
well dats what i enjoy the most..
trying new menu n taking pics of them..
well i enjoyed eating too.
look at my size puhleaseeeeee ;P

ok then..
nxt entry will coming up.
pasal shopping2 plak heheh.


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

haih, beef spaghetti...adeh...kegemarankuuuu..
aok eh, lamak dah sik gi siaaa..cheese cake tetap pilihan hati..
oh oh tiba2 ingin...harus ta bercerita kelak!

f.i.e.z.a said...


dtg la kch asap!