Sunday, November 8, 2009

8th november :)

every 8th of november i will never forget to wish happy bday to someone i knew so dearly..
its my bestfriend's special day!!

happy birthday to u, hathsey!!

hathsey is one of my bestie which is now working in kl.
dulu masa dia transfer kat kch almost yeahh almost e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y we all kuwa..
mkn sama, even on working days ni aa..
kalo rasa nak kuwa even for a cup of coffee kuwa hal.

besides being a very good listener, he's also my shopping buddy.
kalo rasa nak beli apa2 kan, if he cakap x cantek, i wont buy.
and he's the one yg jenis cakaaappp sangat2 honest.
everything comes frm the heart.
xde ckp2 belakang punyalaaa.
kalo ada benda dia x suka, he just say it out loud.
xde bisik2 segala..

n dats y bila dia kena transfer blk kl last may, me n nieza were so devastated.
rasa cam org putus cinta.hhaha sangat2 sedeh sampai nangess.. ;P
i really cant wait to see him again this december, eh nxt month la kan?
he'll be back for christmas holiday *huge grin*

so layan je lah pics yaa..
saja2 nak add as kenangan..
we're frens till zaman sekolah sains until now.
im thankful for the friendship between us and i hope it'll last forever. :)

yr 2006.otw to sematan..

2008.tgk wayang

kat mana tah ni.hehe

this is our last meet b4 he flew to kl the very nxt day.

may u have a rocking bday!
see u next month.muah muah



Adam Hathsey Bronson said...

thanx so much dear..its so great knowing that distance n time will never kept our frenship away. thanx for being a great fren n a part of my life. i love u so much my dear fieza! muaaaaaks! xoxo!

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

happy bday sey!!

khairul onggon said...

Bday kmk ktk mesti sik tauk ehehehe... Hepi bday utk kwn ktk ya...

Tuk url terbaru kmk

(selepas onggon > khairulonggon >

f.i.e.z.a said...

thanx for always be there wpun jaoh gilaaaa ko kinektok.nxt month mek org molah belated bday k kau aaa..
i love u so much tooo dear fren!
muah muah!

hehe dah tua dah kita semua ;P

ok lak mek mukak aa :)