Friday, July 10, 2009


good morning u all.

as usual now im at work.
seyesly i cant accept the fact dat i cant be online at home.
bosan seh!
i can survive w/out tv for days but without the internet?waaaaaaaaa!!
rasa cam nak nanges!
but what to do kan..maybe it'll be ok nxt wk la..
so to those yg komen jgn kecik ati kalo x reply k..
i'll try my best to reply one by one.. =)

tadikan bila i bukak blog i saw my cute face at nieza's blog..
so i immediately click to it n read.
u know what, she made a special entry for me..terharuuu!
it's for my bday on 7th of july yg lepas..
wpun lmbat but i really appreciate dat..
thanx a lot darl!
[senyum2 mek baca n u made me touched sangat2!]

so this weekend there'll be a bday bash for me..
my friends asked me to prepare a wishlist..
hehhe..i shld post my wishlist last 2wks but i was really2 bz with my KK n KL trips.
so i guess i'll prepare it today though..
still thinking what do i want for this bday ;P

apa mek mok bday tok oo?[sambil garuk palak]

bare w me guys.i'll post it b4 i end my shift at 630pm ok..
to my close frens, boh polah2 sik baca wishlist kmk..hehe..
harus mek madah mek mok umah d kajang country heights sebuah.haha..

need to start my work now.
muah muah!

*n3 KK n KL trip will be updated once i get my pc n modem back at home alright!


juzz said...

lamak juak wishlist tok..


sori im late for wishing u hepi belated bday

Ms Tikot said...

Happy belated besday. Bila nak jumpa agik tek...

green said...

hoho..bday ye..hepi belated bday~